My father grew up on a farm. The love of the land never left him. He was a gardener all his life.

He even grew things he did not eat. He said he loved to watch things grow and he always wanted to have something to “divide with people.”

The garden was filled with fruits and vegetables and the front, back and side yards had a variety of flowers and shrubs.

My father was a mailman in Charleston, South Carolina for many years. His route was the old historic section. He walked many miles a day and knew every person personally who lived in those houses.

Later he became a rural mail carrier in the country where he grew up near Fairfax, South Carolina. He drove many miles a day, but as soon as he got home, it was off to his garden until supper time. And sometimes, he got up early and tended the garden before he went to work.

While I did not inherit his green thumb, I did inherit his love of the land and the joy of seeing things grow.

I also shared his love of the city of Charleston. I was born there. I went to college there. I lived there at different times in my adult life.

And I was delighted to introduce my Kentucky husband to Charleston after we met. We have made many new memories there over the years.

While we have continued to live in Kentucky, a part of our heart belongs to Charleston. The beauty of The Gardens of Charleston is amazing. The different gardens and parks always make me think of my parents and my husband’s and my time there.

And now we have found a way to celebrate the city we love, our love for each other and our Love of The Lord.

We have chosen to support the work of The Charleston Parks Conservancy. I will post more about their work at another time.

We now have a bench at Colonial Lake! We will never know who sees it or sits on it. But already we are imagining all kinds of people of all ages and backgrounds.

We hope it will be our invitation to all to sit, reflect, reset, celebrate, remember, and anticipate.

The lake is fed from the ocean. And so are we fed from being in the joy of God’s Presence. We share our life verse, “In Your Presence is Fullness of Joy!”

We would be absolutely delighted if you would visit our bench and take a picture of yourself with the bench and send it to us. You can put it on Facebook, Instagram, or send it to me privately.

It may be awhile before we get to Charleston, but for now, we would love to see you there. Send pictures!

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