Jay and I are teachers. We taught nursing and several different Sunday School classes and small groups over the years.

Even though we retired from those ways to teach, God kept calling us to do what He equipped us to do.

So, for some time now, we have taught from home on You Tube. I pray about what The Lord would have us teach, I write the scripts, Jay and I pick out pictures to illustrate the words and Jay videos my delivering the message.

The most action is really what Jay does behind the camera and in post production and getting it posted on You Tube and God Tube. What eventually goes up as a 15-20 minute video actually took us many hours to complete.

We never get concerned about how many views the videos get, because we are not doing them for the praise of anyone. We are doing it quite simply because God invited us to do it. It is our Joy to offer these videos as our praise, worship and thankfulness to our Creator.

God knows where He will deliver the videos and at what time. It may be the words are for someone we will never meet and possibly someone who will live in a future time.

If God prompts you to watch or share with someone, please do.

We just completed the ninth episode of our current series, Healing The World. It centers on the answer to this question — What do you do after you’ve made a major mistake?

Here is the link to the video.


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