For many years, Bob Pitman was our State Farm representative.  From the beginning, we were drawn to his smile and personal touch.

He was more than “the insurance man.”  He became a life coach of sorts.  His door was always open.  But so were his ears and more importantly, his heart.

He listened, he advised, and he easily shared The Love of Jesus.  He always gave us the gifts of wisdom and encouragement.

Some years after we met Bob, we joined a new church.  We were delighted to discover that Bob also went to church there.  And even better, he sang in the choir.

Not only did we get to see him more regularly, but we also got to enjoy his music and see that warm smile.  When he sang, it was as if he was truly a part of a choir beyond the walls of that church.

And then God took it up a notch for us.  We met Connie, Bob’s wife.  Connie had a smile that could only be matched by Bob’s.

Connie is a wonderful prayer warrior, whose Love for God and everyone around her spills out as a healing balm.  When Connie calls me, “beloved,” I get a foretaste of The Joy of hearing Jesus speak those words.

Connie loved Bob and Bob loved her.  Their Love was real and long term.  God truly created a Power team when He brought them together.

Bob was promoted to Heaven last night.  I am sure The Lord Himself walked him Home and presented him to the saints of God.

I am believing Bob got to meet some of the singers who preceded him there.  And they are singing now for Connie, and their family and for all of us.

Here is the link to a song of celebration and anticipation of that great day when all God’s singers get home!

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