Some years ago Jay had surgery on his neck for a cervical problem.  The post operative days were challenging, but he recovered fully.

In the midst of recovery, we were both feeling a bit caged in.  We agreed we longed for a vacation.

However, it was the middle of summer, and we were not sure we could handle a car trip.  I said we could always try to get to South Carolina.

Jay vetoed that, saying it would be too hot.  I asked him what he was looking for — Alaska?  Much to my surprise, he said, “Yes!”

I was even more surprised to hear my very non-spontaneous self saying, “Let’s do it!”

And so it came to past that just a few short weeks later, we flew to Alaska and took a cruise.

There were many things to remember from that trip, but none quite as memorable as seeing glaciers up close.  No pictures or videos could capture the full experience.

At one point, we were at a park right across from a large glacier.  Jay ventured out on some rocks to get the primo picture.  As usual, his spirit of adventure knew no bounds.  (Kentucky’s motto of “unbridled spirit” says it all about this Kentucky man!)

The rocks were slippery.  My gasp was only one of the crowd who witnessed his fall halfway down a cliff.  

I remember the split second thought of how ironic that after going through all he had been through with his neck, that it was all going to end at the foot of a glacier in Alaska.

However, God was and is merciful.  Jay’s backpack caught on the rocks, stopping his fall.  And this man, who had just had neck surgery, reached behind him, and inched his way back up the cliff backwards!

When he reached the top, it was to the cheers of a crowd and the sight of his wife, who nearly needed resuscitation from Adrenalin overload.

Jay got up, dusted himself off and checked his camera to be sure he got the picture!

It was a good one, and one day when I dig out the Alaska pictures, I will share it.

Meanwhile, he continues to be “unbridled.”  Tonight he stopped the car, hopped out and raced over to a grass strip way too close to traffic to suit me.  Why?  He was chasing rainbows!  And yes, he got the picture and is still with us in one piece.

I hope it will be a long time until Jay swings on the gates of Heaven … or at least, we can go together for the adventure.

But in the meantime, after tonight’s activities, God called Jay by name from the clouds.  We looked up and discovered the clouds had moved into the shape of a J.

I don’t know whether God was calling him like a parent calls a child out of the street … or giving him a high five for getting the picture.  Either way, life with Jay continues to be one roller coaster ride!

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