I asked a young boy on the eve of his ninth birthday what he wanted to be when he grew up.

He thought for a moment and then said, “It has not been revealed yet.”

It was the wisest answer I ever heard.  

I have always been one who wanted a plan … a blueprint … a specific map with the destination and every stop marked clearly in advance.

But God does not work that way.  He says to follow Him and He gives us plenty of light to see the next steps … but not enough to run ahead and see the whole road ahead.

Louie Giglio says it well.

When I was younger, people always talked about how you need to have a five-year plan or a ten-year plan for the future. But the longer I walk in my journey with God, I’ve discovered that discovering His pre-packaged plan isn’t really what’s on God’s heart for us today. 

He is far more interested in developing a relationship with you. That’s precisely why God isn’t in the habit of giving blue prints. 

The moment we feel like we have a blueprint, we think, “Okay, this is all I need. I’m off and running. Thank you, God. See you later. I’ll check in if I run into any big obstacles.” 

No. In the unpredictable places in life, we learn that the one thing we can predict is that God will come through. 

This is exactly what God wants for us. He doesn’t want our dreams; He wants His dreams. 

He doesn’t want us swimming in a kiddie pool of ankle-deep faith. Instead, He leads us into deep waters, where there’s no way our feet can touch the bottom anymore. 

We can’t ever swim in the ocean unless we know the One who holds the seas in the palm of His hand. 

When God is writing our story, we can have confidence that what He brings is what we need. 

He’s thinking, “I want to take you on a grand adventure where whatever you’re dreaming about is not big enough and not wide enough. I am God, and you and I are going on an epic journey.”

~ Louie Giglio

Enjoy your journey with God today!

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