Being  inside the head of an only child born into the world of the pandemic might be interesting.  

Our grandson has been safely isolated for most of his life.  

Suppose you were born into a world of giants.  Everyone taller than you.  Everyone speaking what to you was still a foreign language.  Being dependent on these people for your every need.  What would you think?

While that sounds a little scary to me, Our grandson has rolled with it.  His world is filled with human “giants” who love him and some closer to his size puppies.  He is blissfully unaware there are other humans like him.

But occasionally he seems to stop and think for just a moment.  Maybe he is wondering, “Are there any more like me?”

But then he goes back to playing and anticipating a hug from his “giants.”  It’s all good.  And one day he will discover there are more little people like him.  What fun that will be!

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