When I started writing books there was one part that was very hard for me.  I loved writing.  I loved sharing.  But I hated selling books.  I simply did not want to promote myself.

Anything I write is a Gift from God and I just want to deliver it free of charge.  Jesus said,

“Freely you have received, freely give.”

Matthew 10:8

So after a time, we decided we were not going to sell books anymore.  We left them available in our publisher’s bookstore and they are available for order in other bookstores, but we do not actively sell.

Instead we give books away.  We still have quite a supply.  If you would like books for yourself or to give away to family and friends,  and you are local to us, let me know.

The joy we get in giving is worth far more than any monetary payment.

I enjoy writing a blog.  I usually post my blog writings on Facebook.  I love it when I get some verification someone is reading and the words have touched their life in some way.

But I am also aware that writers are simply planting seeds for trees they may never see grow.  I have read the writings of so many, who faithfully wrote, never knowing who would read and in what time.

Writing is a faith venture.  We plant.  We water with the help of others.  God sends the words where He ordains.

As a part of the “watering,” I have become aware that I need to make people aware the writings are there, should they choose to read them.

In my disdain for promoting myself, I tend to neglect that.  But, if you feel so led, please check out my blog posts and share with others.

And, of course, if you want to be alerted any time there is a new post, I invite you to subscribe!

Here is the link to this blog site.  (Of course, if you are reading this, you already found me!)


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