I first met Edie long before zoom was a common way to communicate.

Edie was a part of a small group of us who met for weekly Bible study.  Everyone but Edie was physically present in our family room.  

Edie was in Pennsylvania, but joined us by the wonders of video on our tv screen.  Every week my tech oriented husband set up the communication with Edie.

Edie was right there, as if she was physically in the room.  In fact, on those rare occasions when she could not join us, we all felt her absence and almost could not bear to look over at the empty screen.

Many of the revelations from God came through Edie, His true minister of Peace.

In a very poignant moment of shared griefs, hopes and dreams, the group felt led to have a group hug.  The Power of The Lord was so strong, we did not have to figure out how to include Edie.

Everyone instantly went to the tv, arms extended.  Edie eagerly extended her arms from the other side.  We felt the hug.  We felt The Power of what God can do that removes all time and distance.

Then came the glorious day when Edie came to Kentucky and spent a week with us.  We jokingly talked about how we had “unboxed” Edie!  It was so wonderful to see her in person and experience those hugs first hand!

Later Edie and her husband, Mark, came to Kentucky and made a stop with us.  He was every bit as delightful as Edie.  We even got a picture of them by the tv where we had first met Edie.

Edie is back in Pennsylvania and we are in Kentucky, but never far apart in heart or spirit.  She loves watching clouds and sunsets and everything in God’s wonderful world around her.  

She posts pictures on Facebook.  Sometimes we are looking at the same things at the same time.  

Such was the occasion tonight when she posted an observation of the moon and nearby planet.  We were looking at the same thing!  It was as if God put one Arm around Edie and one Arm around us, and said, “I’m glad you noticed.  I made it just for you!”

Mark has been promoted to Heaven now.  With Edie’s wonderful Gift of Connecting, I am sure physical distance is not a barrier.  But, like us, the reunion and in person hugs will be even better.

I think of Edie when I watch one of my favorite videos from an old movie, American Tale.  Here is the link.  Perhaps it will remind you that those you love are never far away … whether on earth or in Heaven.

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