Today I enjoyed the last of the flowers in the garden.  While some have already passed, others are shining their brightest, heads held high, looking up to the sun and reflecting God’s Creation everywhere.

I watched in awe as a little bee appeared to kiss his beloved flower, full face and with great passion.  However, as I continued to look, I realized he was not moving.

In fact, he had died in the arms of his beloved.

It made me think lovingly of one of our friends who died some years ago.  He was Jay’s best friend and best man at our wedding.  He suffered with cancer years later.

His wife, also our good friend, talked of their last minutes together.  She said, “I knew it was time.  So I stopped being his nurse and I was just his wife.  I got into bed with him and just lay in his arms until he was gone.  And then I stayed there awhile longer, just remembering what it was like to be together like that.”

I tiptoed away and gave the flower time to remember the time when her beloved held her and kissed her.  And the other flowers stood by silently too, letting them have their moment.

Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth!  For your love is better than wine …”

Song of Songs 1:2

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