When my mother was in the hospital for a fractured pelvis at one time, she was bedfast.

One of the nurses came into her room, and said, “Oh Miss Pearl.  I’m sorry.  We should have turned on the tv for you.”

My mother told her she did not need the tv.

The nurse said, “Well, we don’t want you to be bored.”

My mother smiled and said, “I am never bored.  I was just reviewing my memories!”

When I was about to take my first cruise years later, I was hesitant about going because my mother was near the end of her life.

She insisted I go.  I remember her smiling and patting me on the hand, as she said, “Go.  Go make some memories.  And come back and tell me about it. I’ll add it to my memories.”

When I read Steven Charleston’s words today, they brought back many memories, including the ones I just shared.

Make memories.  Save the best ones in your heart.  And when the days have passed, enjoy them and thank God for allowing you to visit them again!

Steven wrote—

When all is said and done, it is the memories we will treasure most. 

Those brief but clear windows into a world that once was, but is no more, nor ever can be again. 

The precious stop action of the mind where fleeting time stands still and those we loved live once more. 

That’s why it means so much: that instant of time travel. 

Remembering the feel of it, the smell, the touch of life, is as close to joy as we may ever know, at least on this side of a heaven where you can walk through memories as you walk through rooms. 

Take as much as you want, but leave me my memories and I will be thankful forever.

Steven Charleston

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