Sometimes we try to comfort by reminding “it could be worse.” We think of terrible things that have happened previously or are happening to others right now. We are thankful that is not our situation.

We may feel guilty for not bearing our pain and suffering better. As a Christian, we may feel especially guilty because we feel any expression of our suffering reflects a lack of faith or hope.

But our suffering does hurt. It is distressing. It is real. And sometimes we need to have the freedom to express our feelings.

It used to puzzle me that Jesus wept when it appeared His Friend Lazarus had died. Even though Jesus knew he was not truly dead … even when Jesus knew He would raise him in a few minutes … He wept.

Why? I believe He did so because He was sharing in the grief of those around Him. He allowed them the expressions of their feelings because He knew their intense longing was coming from the place of Love.

He did not pat them on the back and say, “There. There. It will be ok.” He joined them. And then He raised Lazarus.

Whatever you are going through right now, know that Jesus is at your side, feeling every feeling with you … wanting you to feel His Presence first and foremost. And then He will act to carry out His Perfect Will. Trust Him.

“I am with you always.”
Matthew 28:20

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