Even though we know we are not alone, sometimes we need to be assured.

We need for someone to see past our smiles into the places inside us that feel lonely.

Sometimes we do parallel living, being in each other’s vicinity, but never really connecting.

We wave. We move on.

We have conversations about random things, but never discuss the eternity we hope to share one day.

We say, “How are you?” But we don’t hang around to hear the real stories.

We say, “Call me if you need anything,” but we don’t call.

And sometimes we never let anyone know we need to be reassured, because we don’t want to be a bother … because we don’t want to seem needy … because we feel guilty to want anything more when we are already infinitely blessed.

But we hope for the reassurance. And when it happens, we absorb the warm feeling with joy!

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