My parents always wanted children.  They believed God would give them children.  However, years passed and there were no biological children.

However, God put many people in their life who they faithfully parented in many ways.  And in the fullness of time, ten years after they married, my brother was born.

They praised God.  They felt truly blessed and did not expect more.  However, eleven years after my brother was born, I came along.

I am aware every day of God’s Perfect Timing.  I understand that He brought me into the world for this very time and place.

I am The Promise of former generations.  And I have The Joy of keeping that Promise for future generations.

So do you.

You are here as God’s Promise to former generations that their work would go on.

You are His Promise that everything they learned and passed on to someone would continue.

You are the arrow sent from their bow, flying through time to hit its mark.

You are the bow, even now being fashioned to pass along their work along with yours to people you may never know.

You have been given life to be The Light to The Life.

Be The Light. Be The Promise fulfilled!

Jesus said, “Become what you believe!”

Mathew 9:29

Here is the link to a wonderful song about our being the fulfillment of Promises God made long ago.

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