We often hear encouragement to “Try. Try again. Don’t give up.” In many cases, that is sound advice.

However, there are times when the thing we want so desperately is simply not God’s Will. We can try again. We can try different approaches.

We can beat ourselves up because we cannot get the door to open.

And yes, in our desperation to get what we want, we can lay at that closed door and blame God for not opening it.

But if it is not His Will, the door will not open. So what can we do? We can ask God what His Will is in regard to what we want. And we can wait for His Answer.

We can be assured He will answer. He will tell us what to do. Sometimes the door will open.

But sometimes He will point us to the other doors He is opening, the ones we may have never noticed when we were spending all our energies on that closed door.

It is true never to put a period where God intended to put a comma. But it is also true never to try to put a comma when He is putting a period.

He is The Author of our lives and He is The One writing the script!

“What He opens no one can shut, and what He shuts no one can open.”
Isaiah 22:22

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