Jay brought in the groceries and set the bags on the bar.

Our son in law was in the kitchen talking to Jay as they unloaded the groceries.

Gideon was watching with great interest from his toddler view. He knew there were all kinds of things being revealed from the bags.

He could partially see them, but wanted to see more. I watched as he moved around, trying to see. But it was to no avail. Everything was simply too high for him.

But then he knew what he needed to do. He went straight to his Dad and held up his arms to be picked up. His Dad cheerfully obliged him and showed him the groceries.

I watched in wonder as I watched this real life parable. Sometimes we see the tip of Glory and we want to see more.

We move around in all directions, trying first one thing and then another, to see more. But it does not work.

We are not always as quick as Gideon was to figure out what to do. We often lie on the floor, kicking and screaming, and wonder why God will not show us more.

But The Truth is God is very willing to pick us up and lift us up. He is glad to show us more. We just have to reach up and surrender to His Loving Arms.

I love this verse where Luke recorded that God does not begrudgingly give us the kingdom. He is pleased to give it!

Your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom!
Luke 12:32

Here is the link to one of my favorite songs that gives praise to The One Who lifts us up.

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