I can’t remember the first time we saw the man we now call “the Walmart singer.”

We go for rides late every evening. We enjoy the waterfowl at the lake. We “people watch,” appreciating all of God’s unique creations.

Walmart is always pure entertainment from the people camping in the parking lot to the variety of late night shoppers.

One night we saw a man sitting on the sidewalk, playing his guitar and singing. At first, he was just part of the scenery. We noticed him and drove on by.

The next night, we put the window down and caught bits of his songs, as we passed.

The next night, we drove slower, so we could hear more of his songs.

The next night, we slowed enough for me to smile and nod. He looked up and returned the smile and nod.

The next few nights, he was not there. We were disappointed. He had become part of our life … the lone troubadour bringing music into an otherwise chaotic world … faithfully doing what he was called to do … unafraid … unashamed … daring in his own way.

After the few nights of absence, he was back. We were delighted. We began to wonder who he was and why he was there.

We still don’t know. We have not stopped and talked yet. Being a writer, I have imagined numerous scripts for his life. But for now, he is simply “the Walmart singer.”

Tonight, as we enjoyed his music again, I pondered why more of us do not have the courage to share our songs with the world. It might be fun for all those who dare to only sing in the shower to broaden their horizons!

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