I love living in a neighborhood where children play outside. It brings back happy memories of times I rode my bike, my hair flying in the wind.

I remember playing games we just made up. I remember being endlessly fascinated with sticks or rocks.

I remember when falling was only a temporary setback. I was assured I was ok. I was reassured that people who loved me were watching and would move in quickly if needed.

I remember a time when it was ok to act silly because we really didn’t know the definition of the word. We were just having fun.

I remember a time when I thought skinned knees were the worst thing that could happen to a person. I had no knowledge of greater pain.

I trusted people. I thought most people were good. Evil was a foreign concept.

I gave little thought to the future except to count off the days until Christmas would be there. I lived in the wonderful time where it was always today … a time of new discoveries waiting.

When I watch children play or hear their take on life, it is a joy. I would tell them, “Enjoy these precious moments before the world intrudes.” But I don’t have to do that because they are already!

The question for us adults is … are we receiving all The Joy available for us?

When we got home this afternoon, neatly parked in front of our house were these two dolls. It made us smile! And close behind, were two “Moms” who were quick to assure their little ones’ safety.

I share our smiles with you!

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