I have often written about the life transforming experience of being a part of the Sunday School class of those who were all in their 80s or 90s.

They began every class by singing the song, “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus.”  They had done this for years.  When I became their song leader, the president of the class let me know that while I was free to select the other hymns,  this song always had to be first.

When we sang each Sunday, I did get to see the face of Jesus.  I saw Him in every radiant face turned toward Him.  It is one of my most precious memories.

Almost every one of those beautiful people have been promoted into Heaven.  While I miss them here, I take great comfort in recognizing they are now part of the great cloud of witnesses who are cheering us on.

And I anticipate they will be a part of the welcoming party when I get Home.

Last night I discovered their song on this video performed by a high school group in Canada.  I had the most amazing sense of all of us being united in Heaven and on earth with our eyes fixed on Jesus.

Here is the link to the song and a picture of those saints of God from their time on earth.

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