Memory from six years ago.

It is always a special Joy for me when Jay teaches Sunday school. He brings Good Words from God that I ponder long after the lesson.

However, God spoke first today and caught both Jay and me off guard.

We both use reading glasses that look the same, but are very different strengths. They were both on the dresser. Apparently I picked up his. He picked up mine.

I got ready to read the scripture at the beginning of the lesson. I thought I was having an eye problem. Everything was very blurry! 😳

I took the glasses off and looked at Jay. He was adjusting his papers and readjusting them and looked a little panicked!

And then as Some of the writers of The Bible say, “The Word of The Lord came to me!” (And also Great Revelation!). I had Jay’s glasses and he had mine!

We switched and the world came back into view for both of us.

And God said, “Sometimes when this world does not make sense to you … When nothing seems clear at all … It’s because you are looking at My World through the wrong lens. Satan has a whole rack of glasses he would like to give you. Don’t take them.

Don’t put anything between Me and you. Look at Me and I’ll bring everything into focus!”

And He did. The Lord I love brought a wonderful lesson through the man He created for me to love!

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