I have found a new Joy in becoming minimalist. I have delighted in spaces that have nothing in them … bare walls … room to move around and dance … closets that have so little in them I actually can tell what is in them.

I have delighted in giving things away, praying for the recipients of each gift.

I have also given up many emotional and spiritual things. I have learned how to forgive more … how to be a little less demanding of myself and others …how enjoy this moment instead of obsessing about whether I have planned well for tomorrow.

I have given up expectations of how things should be and found a particular freedom in saying, “It is what it is.”

Old age should not be a time where we feel things are being snatched away from us. It is a time to freely give what we have been given. It is a time to raise our hands in gratitude to The One Who has given us seed to share with others!

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