Jesus said, “Come.”  He said, “Follow Me.”  But He also said, “Go.”

“Therefore go and make disciples.”

Matthew 28:19

These were not Jesus’ parting words.  They were His imparting Words.

After we come to Him and learn from Him, we are to go with Him where He leads.  We are given the joy of being junior partners with Him to change the world … to be part of letting His Kingdom be revealed on earth as it is in heaven.

We do not have to go far from home, even though we might.  We can carry out the Great Commission wherever we are.

Today we had a repair man in our home.  We did not know him other than as the repair man sent to do a job.  He did the work.

And then spontaneously before he left, he said, “How can I pray for you?”

It caught us off guard, but in a wonderful way.  We received his prayers with gratitude.  We stood in our kitchen, held hands, and prayed for each other.

He then went on his way, following Jesus to the next stop.  But after he left, there was the sweet fragrance of Peace in this, God’s House.

Jesus reveals Himself at unexpected times and in unexpected places.  As I pondered this thought, I think He smiled as He whispered,

Be sure of this— I am with you always!

Matthew 28:20

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