All too often we read The Bible as a narrative someone else wrote.  We believe it is a story about other people.

But God’s Word is timeless and personal.  He talks directly to us.

Recently He has been guiding me to read His Word and hear it as He talks directly to me.

On this Thanksgiving, I invite you to see The Lord at your table.  See Him turn and fix His Loving Gaze on you.

Hear Him talk directly to you … and be thankful.  He has you.  You have Him.  You lack nothing.

Psalm 23

I AM your Shepherd.  You lack nothing.

I will show you where the green pastures are.  I will insist you stop, lay down and enjoy them.

I will lead you beside the still waters. 

I will refresh your soul.

I will guide you along the right paths so you can live a life that lets others know Me too.

Even though you walk through the darkest valley, you need fear no evil, for I AM with you.

I will comfort you by using My Rod to keep your enemies at bay.  I will use My Shepherd’s Crook to draw you close to Me.  I AM your Shepherd.  You are Mine.

I will prepare a Table before you in the presence of those you thought were enemies.

You will have an opportunity to love your enemies as I taught you to do.

I will anoint your head with oil.

Your cup will overflow with Love, Joy and Peace.  

You can be sure My Goodness and Love will follow you all the days of your life.

You will dwell with Me in My House forever!

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