I have always wondered about things. I want to know more than what is told in the story.

I wonder about those wise men and their gifts.

How did they decide what to give Jesus? Did they think about it ahead of time?

Did they discuss who was bringing what? (I mean, usually people sign up for the potluck, so we don’t all bring mashed potatoes).

What was the real significance of their gifts? There have been a lot of speculation, but does anyone really know?

What do we know about the wise men? Why do we remember them as wise?

Can we learn anything from them?

Only the gospel of Matthew mentions them.

He did not say there were only three. Many assume there were three because three gifts are mentioned.

He did not say they were kings. It is rather more likely they were just men who studied the stars. .

The wise men were looking up when they saw the star.

They were not content to just say, “Look at that!” And see if it happened again. They took action.

They sought to learn more, even when they did not know exactly what they were seeking.

They followed where God led them, even when they did not know where they were going.

They were persistent. Even though it took a long time, they kept going. It is likely they did not even arrive until a couple of years after Jesus’ Birth.

Presented with whether to listen to an earthly king or a heavenly king, they made the right choice. They listened to God.

And when they finally found Jesus, they gave Him their best Gift first. They fell down and worshipped Him.

I wonder how long they stayed. I wonder how Jesus The Toddler reacted to them. I wonder what Mary and Joseph did with their gifts.

I wonder how many people they told about their encounter with The Lord of The Universe.

I wonder if they came back to visit again.

One thing is certain. They went away changed. And when they looked up forever afterwards, they understood what David The Psalmist meant when he said,

“The heavens declare The Glory of God!”
Psalm 19:1

They had seen God in All His Glory up close and personal!

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