I have retired most of my once large collection of Precious Moments figurines. But I have kept one out that I treasure.

It is a little lamb holding out his wounded paw to the shepherd. The Shepherd takes it tenderly. The name of the figurine is “He cares for you.”

Many times in life we get wounded. Things happen that hurt. We often distance ourselves from the pain. We call it learning our lesson … moving on … getting over it … forgiving … trying to forget.

But sometimes we carry the pain so deeply inside us, we do not even know it is there … on a regular day … in another, better life.

Then one day something happens and suddenly the pain is there again, fresh as the moment it happened.

I had such an experience recently. Hearing the story of a young woman in an abusive relationship brought back the memories. My heart raced. I physically shook. I once was that girl.

Surprised by my reaction, I asked The Lord why. I said, “I forgave him, Lord. And that was many years ago. I even pray for You to bless him now. Why would I react this way?”

God answered simply, “You never gave me your pain. You never trusted me to heal you. You pray for his healing, but not for your own.”

I had tried to forget. But in that moment, I remembered. And I asked God to heal me. I felt like the little lamb extending its paw, and saying, “It still hurts.”

Perhaps at this moment, you might remember people who hurt you. It is safe to tell God. It hurt. It still does.

He knew then and He knows now. He has been waiting to heal you.

It is interesting that after His Resurrection when Jesus reappeared to His Disciples, He came with His Wounds. He acknowledged He had been hurt.

But when He invited Thomas to touch His Wounds, there is no evidence that He winced. He had been wounded, but the pain was gone.

Trust Him. He can take your pain away too.

I have heard your prayer; I have seen your tears. Behold, I will heal you!
2 Kings 20:5

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