We once attended an Assembly of God Church in a nearby town.  We attended every Sunday evening.

The worship time was awesome.  We soared to the heights of praise and soaked in joyful Peace.

There were prophecies given that were so spot on, it amazed us.

The pastor always brought Good Words that were Bible based and news we could use in our daily life.

We looked forward to Sunday evening church.  On a given Sunday evening, everyone settled in for the usual expected treat.

We worshipped.  The pastor came to the front.  He said simply, “Go in The Name of Jesus.”  He started to walk away.

Everyone looked at him and then at each other.  What was this?  At first there were whispers of concern that he might be ill.

Then someone said, “I think he just quit.  The nerve of him.”

The mood shifted from one of concern to downright anger.  Everyone felt like they had come for a concert and now it had been cancelled.

Some looked toward the Associate Pastor, hoping he could fill in and deliver the message.

The pastor gave everyone just enough time to stew before he returned to the pulpit.

He said, “For weeks we have been learning about how to share The Love of Jesus with others.

Now here’s what I want you to do.  I want you to pray about where you are supposed to deliver The Love of Jesus right now … tonight … and then I want you to go do it.

Meet back here when you have done it and we’ll share.”

He repeated, “Go in The Name of Jesus.”

Some went to the altar.  Some of us fell on our knees right where we were.  The Spirit of God permeated that room.

Everyone filed out.  Some went to the hospital.  Some to the nursing home.  Some to the fire station. And the police station.  Some went to homes or stores.  Some talked to people on the street.  Some called people on the phone.

There were tears.  There was joy.  There was excitement in that town.  And when we returned, one evening was not enough to hold all the stories.  The stories and Love spilled over into the next day and the next.

Sunday evenings were still the wonderful times we had before, but now with the added wonder of the telling of what God had done and was doing all week.

That pastor started a revival by simply calling us to go in the Name of Jesus.  The call is the same today.

Pray.  Listen.  Go in The Name and Power of Jesus!

So go and make followers of all people in the world … teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. 

And be sure of this — I am with you always!

Matthew 28:19-20

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