John pointed to Jesus and identified Him as The Lamb of God.

Two of John’s disciples followed Jesus to get a closer look.

Jesus turned and asked a pivotal question.

“What do you want?”

How would you answer Jesus if He asked you that right now?  You have gotten closer to Him.  He’s here, close.  He has all The Power in the universe.

“What do you want?”

Is it just your curiosity satisfied?  Is it healing?  Is it comfort?  Is it guidance for your life?  Is it just to be near Him?

The two disciples did not know.  How could they put into words feelings they had never felt before?  Whatever it was, they wanted more.

All they could manage was their own question.

“Where are you staying?”

They caught the answer to His Question in their own.  “Staying.”  They just met Him and yet they wanted to stay with Him, for at least awhile, so they could get to know Him.

Jesus knew their hearts.  He answered simply, “Come and see.”

And they did.  They followed Him.  They stayed with Him that day and many days that followed.  

One of them told his brother, Simon, who also followed Him, and became the rock on which the church was built.

What do you want?

Come and see where Jesus is moving!

Tell someone.  Tell them to come and see!

I have come so that you may have Life, and may have it abundantly!

John 10:10

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