A beautiful little bird with a bright yellow patch greeted the day today, spread his wings and flew like the wind.

It was a sunny day.  So perhaps the sun’s reflection on the window caused him to make a crucial miscalculation.

Our grandson saw his lifeless body lying on the deck.  We rushed out to see if there was any earthly life left, but there wasn’t.

We stood for a few moments, admiring God’s creation, still beautifully intact in every way except the absence of his spirit.

Gideon recognized the “bird was hurt.”  He turned to his Poppy, who he sees as the one who fixes everything.

He did not ask Poppy how he would fix it.  He did not stay around to watch.  He is three and he had other important things to do.  So he left it to Poppy.

Poppy took the little bird and sent him on one last flight from our deck into the flower bed below.  He is now helping the tulips finish out the last of their season.

Later tonight I found several little feathers stuck to the windowpane.  Poppy dutifully went out and cleaned the glass, erasing the the reality of the little bird’s last moments.

But I am remembering that precious little bird tonight, his beauty, his life and perhaps his desire to come closer to us today.  We will see you again, little bird.  One day when we get our wings, we will fly together!

Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care.

Matthew 10:29

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