My mother never simply read a book to me. She acted it out. She changed her voice to be each character. She put the book down and acted out the parts. She was so funny!

But not only would she act out the stories, she would encourage me to get in on the act.

She would say, “Today, you be the rabbit!” And I’d act out the parts to the tune of her laughter.

Then the day came when she stopped right in the middle of a story. I wondered if something was wrong with her.

Instead of completing the story, she said, “What do you think happened next?”
I said, “I don’t know. You haven’t read that part yet.”

She said, “No … you finish the story. Don’t let other people be the only ones to tell the stories. You tell the story too. Your story may be better!”

So I’d make up a part of the story that came next, and then she would chime in with a part, and sometimes we never read what the author intended.

Later as I began to write stories and plays, I realized the seeds of telling a good story had been planted by my mother. Even today, I find myself thinking of alternate endings to tv shows and movies.

Who is writing your story?

Are you living a life someone else chose for you?

Do you sometimes feel you’ve made too many mistakes in your life for your story to ever have a happy ending?

Perhaps God is prompting you right now to consider what you would like to happen next in your life. He’s ready to act it all out with you … and yes, He can do millions of Voices too!

Finishing is better than starting … Ecclesiastes 7:8

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