Jay taught nursing for 27 years.

I got the joy of joining him in teaching for the last eight of those 27 years.

We also taught Sunday School.

We taught small group classes.

We taught people one to one.

We discovered God had given us the gift of teaching.  Teaching is one of the gifts Paul mentions in 1 Corinthians 12:28.

When God gave us these Gifts , we knew they came from Him.  It was not talents we generated on our own.  

We were humbled and honored that He cared for us in such a special way.  Our greatest joy has come in using the Gifts and sharing with others.

When we thought we had run out of opportunities to teach, God led us to continue teaching through a You Tube channel.

I write the lessons and present them.  Jay and I select pictures together.  Jay does all the graphic design, videography, editing and posting.

We have just posted our 58th video!

Unlike our classroom days, we don’t know who is watching.  It takes much time and effort to put each video together.  But we believe if God had only one person in mind to send it to, it would be worth every effort.

It is a Joy to work for The Lord!

We would like to plant these seeds everywhere they are supposed to go.  If The Lord so leads you, please watch, please subscribe and please share.

Here is the link to our channel.


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