I remember the wonder of having a new life growing inside me … that first soft flutter unlike anything I had ever felt before.

I remember the kicks that came later, a preview of the person who throughout life would use different ways to get my attention.

I remember when I first held her in my arms, counted little fingers and toes and said over and over again, “This is my daughter.”

I remember cheering every milestone. I remember the first time she walked. I always imagined she would walk to me. But instead, when she heard her Dad’s voice in the other end of the house, she walked all the way past me and kept walking until she got to him.

It was a strange feeling to realize this little person who had become such a part of me could leave me.

And of course, there were times when I had to leave her. I saw the little face, nose pressed up to the KinderCare window, as I drove away to work … and cried all the way.

As she grew, she had adventures. She was fearless, always ready to take on any challenge. 

She proved early she was her own person and not a copy of anyone else.

She played by the rules of our house, schools and society, but she was not above making some new rules of her own. Even as we shook our heads, we were secretly applauding.

We were best buddies for many years. As she grew, we often went on car rides and talked. I called it our chat room.

And then came the day she got her driver’s license and I saw her drive away without me. This time I was the one with nose pressed up against the window.

And then came college. Fortunately she went to a college only three hours away, so trips home were doable. We looked forward to her being back in the nest for even a weekend, but the times in between called for a life adjustment.

I realized how much of our lives had centered around her and her activities. We were happy we had participated in giving her roots, but now we had to learn how to let her stretch her wings without hindering her.

After college, she advanced steadily in new careers. Those careers took her geographically further and further away. Of necessity, visits became further apart too.

We were thankful that wherever she went, we stayed in contact through phone calls, and other benefits of the electronic age.

With FaceTime, we could show her what was blooming in the back yard, or how a remodeling project was coming along. 

One Mother’s Day, she took us on a ride on The Roosevelt Island tram over New York!

Her work took her and her husband to places far away. We continued as a long distance family through phone calls, texts, and FaceTime.

We first met our grandson remotely. We were thankful God had provided ways for us to continue to share life as a family.

As wonderful as it was to share life in any way, even long distance, we did long for things that can only be done in person. It’s much better to hug a real live person than a computer screen.

So we were elated when our daughter and son in law gave us the news they were moving to a location near us. Dreams do come true!

They have now been here for three years.  And we have treasured every moment.  It is so nice to be in the same time zone, be able to give each other traffic reports, or comment on places we all know.

But most of all, it is so wonderful to share hugs during drop in and planned visits.  It is amazing to see our grandson in person growing so much in such a short period of time.

We gave our daughter wings, but we are so thankful she now has used them to fly back home! 

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