God created our body with many built in mechanisms to protect us.  If the protective cover of our skin is broken, a scab will form over the hole.

As the skin heals underneath, the scab is gently pushed away.  But while healing is going on, we must resist the urge to pick at the scabs.  If we pull away what God designed to protect us, our wounds will not heal.

Many times I have been guilty of picking my emotional scabs.  We do this when we remember how we were hurt.  

We go over every detail in our mind.  We talk about our pain to anyone who will listen.  

Sometimes hurt people even call their words testimonies.  But the testimony is 99% recounting the hurt and 1% of how they believe God healed them.

People who regularly pull off the scabs end up with infections that affect the whole body.  They become sick and bitter.

The body has another mechanism to protect itself.  It is called a callus.  A callus can be considered an early warning system.  When your shoes are too tight, your skin will build up an extra layer of skin to protect you.  

Like scabs, calluses are not intended to be there forever.  They are there to alert you to deal with whatever might cause you greater pain if not corrected.  

People who do not take steps to correct their problems become “thick skinned.”  They may look all tough on the outside, but they are really wounded on the inside.

When scabs or calluses are gone and unhealed skin is exposed, the opposite problem occurs.  The person is “thin skinned.”  Everything hurts them.  They are sure everyone will eventually hurt them, and so they are on guard all the time.

So what can we do?  

First of all, acknowledge to yourself and God that you hurt.  It is not a sign of weakness to be truthful.  It is an act of courage.

When we share our hurts with God, it is an act of faith.  He already knows every detail, but He is willing to let us tell Him everything.  Telling Him may be the best way to drain the wounds.

Settle with God how you feel about Him.  Often at the bottom of our pit of despair is the feeling God was not there for us when we were wounded.  We may feel He could have prevented it or He could have stopped it.  Tell Him how you feel.  Then be quiet.  Wait for Him to speak.  

Receive His Comfort.  Often we continue demanding answers from God that He will not give us.  His Ways are higher than our ways.  So He does not always answer our why questions.

But He has promised to always be with us.  He has promised to comfort us.  He has promised to heal us.

Jesus’ resurrected Body showed He had been wounded.  It really happened.  There was evidence that it did.  But Jesus no longer hurt.  He was healed.  The pain was gone.  He invited the touch of others without pulling back.

Whenever I am tempted to rehash old wounds or try not to think about new ones, I stop and contemplate my favorite Precious Moments figurine.

The little sheep is extending his wounded paw to The Shepherd to help him.  He knew he could trust The Shepherd.

Do you have any wounds you need to take to The Shepherd today?  He’s available right now.

 I have heard your prayer and seen your tears; I will heal you!

2 Kings 20:5

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