We are blessed not to have many problems others are enduring. But sometimes a stockpile of small irritations build up into big irritations.

When you end up with a big ball of irritation, you have the urge to throw it at someone.

In a marriage, that person is your spouse. Even when you are not sure of all the reasons you feel irritated, you are quite sure your spouse is supposed to “fix it.” When they can’t, it is frustrating for both of you.

Today was one of those times for us. While there are no physical blows being passed here, we are pretty well equally matched in verbal sparring. And once we are down to a shouting argument on theology and what to watch on tv, things have completely deteriorated.

Then comes the inevitable question of whether we each believe the other has apologized appropriately. Of course, by then, we are not even sure what we should be apologizing for.

After enough time in each of our respective corners, we are left with the “what now” moment of how to continue living together as one, while protecting our own turf.

I tend to be wordy. Jay tends to be brief. He simply said, “I’m sorry. Tomorrow will be a better day. Believe it.” I dropped my verbal sword. I said, “I’m sorry. Yes, we will try again.”

And so we go on, a solid relationship that flows in and out like the tide. Some things get carried out into the sea of forgetfulness. And the sea will bring in new treasures tomorrow.

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