Jay and I were once asked to lead a Sunday School class of single adults.  In the history of our teaching, they were truly the most diverse group.

They were not young singles.  They were of varying ages.  Each had their own story.  Each had their own opinions.  And they were not shy about expressing their views.  We had many lively discussions, where we almost felt like we were referees!

Eventually they brought up the challenges of being single.  They related how people frequently seem to think there was something wrong with them because they were not married.

They said they had started avoiding activities for singles because they felt, as one person put it, “like meat on a buffet, to be looked at and either chosen or rejected.”

It was very clear they desired the same things we as a married couple wanted.  They did not want to be labeled, judged, or rejected.

We all wanted to be valued for the unique creations of God we were.  And we all agreed God had a Plan for our lives.  That Plan might be to have a mate.  That Plan might be for us to be single.

We agreed we simply wanted to follow Jesus and see where He would lead.

So in celebration of our goal for living, we changed the name of the class from “the singles class” to Single Purpose.

Then God called for our commitment to follow Him.   He allowed me to compose a song under His Direction.  It became not only our class song, but our life song.

I will sing it for you sometime in the future, but for now, I share the words.  And as I do, I remember each of those dear people who taught us more than we taught them.

We also solved the problem of what was going to happen if a single person became a married person.  We definitely did not plan to kick them out of class because they were no longer single.

We merged with another class of equally interesting people.  Some were married.  Some were not.  The oldest was in his 80s.  The youngest was 12.  In celebration of our new growth, we became the Truth Seekers Class.  And what adventures we had continuing to seek The Truth with Single Purpose!

Here are the words to the Single Purpose song.  If you feel led to share it, please do, but credit me as the writer.  (Really The Writer was God.  He just let me hold the pen!😘)

Great are Your Purposes and mighty areYour Deeds!

Jeremiah 32:19

One Life to live for you, Lord.

One Life to live today.

One set of Steps to follow.

One Voice along the way.


I want to live with Single Purpose,

To know You more and more.

To see more of Your Glory

Than I’ve ever seen before.

I want to live with Single Purpose

For You, my God and King,

To love The Way that You love, 

And sing The Song You sing.

One Promise made to You, Lord,

To be faithful and be true,

One Promise made to always

Spend my life with You.

Repeat Chorus

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