I love to read, but I have often thought how neat it would be to hear the writer speak the words that first came to life in their head.

We can read a simple sentence in multiple ways and get a different meaning each time.

So it was very exciting when audio books came along and I could actually hear the author speak the words they penned.

Jay and I published our first book in 2012.  Christmas Of Discovery is a Christmas devotional book with reflective questions at the end of each chapter.

It has 31 chapters, so if you chose to, you can read one chapter a day in December and end with the last chapter on New Year’s Day.

This year we have taken it up a notch.  We can offer it in audio!  We have spent the last month recording in our home audio studio, and it is almost ready.

We hope to post it soon on my blog site and follow with posting it on our You Tube channel.  

We will be posting it early so you and others can sample it (or listen to all) and decide if you would like to share it with others as a pre-Christmas gift.  It’s free!

In past years, families, friends, small groups, and churches have used the book as conversation starters and ways to bring Christmas back to a time of true sharing.

So stay tuned for the reveal of Christmas of Discovery — the audio version!  And be thinking of how to share it with your family, friends and church.

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