As we have gone further into our home clean up project, we have learned much about ourselves.

It has been interesting to see what each of us is willing to give up, and what we aren’t.

We have been forced to consider whether we are hoarders or guardians of precious treasures.

God and I had a conversation about whether I was hoarding His Word. Ironically on the same day we were getting ready to contribute to an organization that gives Bibles, I cleaned out the bookcase in our family room.

I cheerfully loaded up a box with books to go to the library. The box did not include the various Bibles I had collected over the years.

I felt God’s nudge.

“What about My Word?” He said.

I smiled, being sure He would be proud of me for taking such good care of The Bibles. I pointed out how I had put them right back on the shelf.

There seemed to be a Holy Silence, followed by a deep Celestial Sigh.

“I thought you wanted to share My Word.”

“I do. We’re contributing to that Bible group today.”

“What about those Bibles on the shelf? Are you going to share them?”

I explained how I had received each of them on special occasions. I reminded Him that most had my comments written in them.

He asked, “So, let Me understand this. You have multiple copies of My Truth, along with Truths I have revealed to you. And you plan to keep them closed up and on display here?”

It was my turn to sigh. Oh … 😳

I added The Bibles to the donation box. It gave me Joy to contemplate who might be surprised to receive a Bible with “Carolyn’s Commentary” written in the margins!

Perhaps you might also want to send out God’s Words. You may never know where they will go, but you can trust God will see they get delivered to the right person at the right time!

As recorded in Isaiah 55:11, God said, “My Word … shall not return to Me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve The Purpose for which I sent it!”

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