My father frequently said, “Prayer is The Biggest Power we’ve got.”  He was right.

It is what allows us to recognize our connection with  God, The Greatest Power in the Universe.

Electricity is available to make it possible for us to turn on the lights.  But if we do not flip the switch, we will remain in the dark.

We can stay in the dark and complain about how dark it is.

We can stand next to the switch and wish it were not so dark.

If someone tells us to reach out and flip the switch, we might be reluctant to do it.  We might think it could not possibly be that easy to get light.

If someone flips the switch in the next room and gets light when we do not, we may wonder why they are blessed and we are not.

God created us and put Himself inside every cell of our bodies.  He is already there, fully available at every moment.

Prayer is our light switch.  When we pray, we become aware of Who is already there.  God is not far away.  He wired us with Himself inside us.

Jesus said, “On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in Me and I am in you!”

John 14:20

He also said, “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.”

Matthew 21:22

The beautiful thing about prayer is that it connects us, not only to God, but to each other.

I asked for prayer as I anticipate surgery later this week.  I have been so blessed to have received so many responses to my request.

Tonight as I have thought of each of you who are praying, I realized that while I have a connection with each of you, not all of you have a connection to each other.

But through The Power of prayer, we are all connected in The Spirit.  As I thought of each of you, the light in my human house got brighter and brighter.

As I move through this week, I will take each of you with me, praying for you as I go.  Some time ago The Lord revealed to me what “pray” stands for.

It means “Power Released Among You!”  

Amen.  To God be The Glory!

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