An Alien’s Report About Christmas

If we were an observer from another planet, we might agree that humans reach a whole new level of strange behavior that defies explanation during what we call the Christmas season.

The following is the report of an alien scout to his commander.

This is the strangest place I have yet visited. As you know, you sent me to earth to observe humans during what they call the Christmas season.

Since you sent me here at the height of what is supposed to be the most joyous season, I had great hopes of seeing a level of Peace and Joy that might even exceed that on our planet.

So far, peace and joy seem in short supply.

The life forms here apparently limit some of the most joyful music to only certain times of the year. To play their “December music” in any other month but late November or December is considered unusual.

Their Christmas music is a very odd assortment. They play songs every year sung by people who died years ago. I have not actually seen these dead people in the flesh.

But they have somehow captured and preserved their likenesses and voices. It’s a little creepy, but we might want to explore how they are doing this.

They play these Christmas songs everywhere, on radios, on tvs, in stores, even on the streets. Even those seeking shelter in their own homes are often sought out, so they can be exposed to the music. I think it may be a form of mind control.

The music seems to affect humans differently. Some seem happy and even peaceful. Some seem agitated.

I’ve looked for some of the ones they sing about. But so far I have not been able to identify them.

These humans seem to truly honor reindeer. They have reindeer statues on their lawns. They sing about one with a red nose. He seems to have been a real hero.

I tried to get a glimpse of these creatures by waiting at a place where they are supposed to cross the road. It was clearly marked “deer crossing,” but these creatures must be quite independent. None ever came. I shall continue to look.

The humans also put a lot of emphasis on someone they call Santa Clause. At first I thought he was the head reindeer, but he apparently is some advanced human life form.

He can do things other humans cannot do. He apparently cannot fly himself, but he commands some of the reindeer who can fly.

He has some magic power that all the thicker humans wish they had. He eats constantly, mainly a diet of cookies and milk. He is rather thick around the middle, but is able to deflate himself and be skinny enough to slide down chimneys.

The humans hold him in such high esteem that they dress like him and give gifts in his name.

I have also noted another very puzzling practice of these life forms. They decorate their houses inside and out during the Christmas season. But as soon as the season ends and it is the darkest time of the year, they turn off the lights and take down the decorations. Very strange indeed.

They also argue a lot about what is a proper way to greet each other in this season. Instead of just saying “hello,” they insist on a special greeting during the season.

Some insist on saying, “Merry Christmas” while others say, “Happy Holidays.” Both sound pretty close to what they call “merry” here, but apparently the argument has something to do with a baby named Jesus.

I have tried to research Him, since apparently He also fits somewhere in this season on planet earth.

I asked many humans about Him. Many were too busy to answer me. Some tried to explain. They often used the same phrases, but I did not understand.

I asked a small human if she knew where to find out more and she said the strangest thing of all. She told me to ask Him directly.

When I asked her where to find Him, she told me He was in my heart. I don’t understand.

Can you send me further instructions? Who is this Jesus? How do I find Him?

In due time the scout received an Answer. It didn’t come from the planet commander. It came from The Grand Commander of The Universe.

I AM called
    Wonderful Counselor, 
Mighty God,
    Everlasting Father, 
Prince of Peace.
Isaiah 9:6

I am the Alpha and the Omega,
Who is, and 
Who was, and 
Who is to come, 
The Almighty.
Revelation 1:8

You will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with all your heart.
Jeremiah 29:13

And so it was that the scout learned about Love, Joy and Peace … and the true meaning of Christmas.

Is Christmas Really Real?

Watch our advent video and find out!

The Rocket

When I was a little girl, my teenage brother very excitedly brought home something called “the rocket.”

It was a device one was supposed to install on their car that would magically increase gas mileage and general efficiency of the car.

Right away my father was skeptical.  And sure enough, it turned out to be a dud.  He teased my brother unendingly for being taken in.

The rocket disappeared for awhile.  We probably all assumed my brother had thrown it away.  However, the apple does not fall far from the tree.  My brother learned  practical jokes from my father.

A couple of Christmases later, my father opened his lavished wrapped present with great anticipation.  There in its original box was the rocket.  My brother felt vindicated in having had the last laugh.

However, the following Christmas, when my brother opened his brightly wrapped present, there, in its original box, was the rocket.

My father and brother kept this up for years, until after my brother was married and becoming a father.  The rocket disappeared.  Everyone moved on to the next stages of life, only occasionally enjoying a collective family laugh about the rocket exchange.

When I asked who ended up with the rocket, they both claimed not to remember where the exchange stopped.  Neither believed they had it.

Many years passed.  Holiday traditions changed.  I often was with my in laws in Kentucky for Christmas and we saw my parents in South Carolina for New Years.

But one year we all got together at my brother’s house in Georgia for Christmas. By then my parents were in their 90s and my brother was a grandfather.

Everyone enjoyed the gift exchange.  Everyone seemed to have gotten their share of gifts.  My brother looked a little puzzled as he noticed a small gift tucked under the tree.  He fetched it out and read the tag.  It was for me.

We all wondered where it had come from and more importantly, from whom.  I eagerly dived in to find out.

And there … in its original box … was the rocket!  My father laughed and looked at my brother, and said, “You had it!”  My brother insisted he did not have it.  And everyone seemed genuinely mystified.

Finally my mother spoke up and said, “Do none of you still believe in Santa?”

It was one of those moments when we all, young and old alike, thought we heard sleigh bells.  I was a bit preoccupied because I was already thinking of who I was going to give it to the next year.

So where did it come from?  My mother finally confessed.  She had been doing some end of life cleaning when she happened upon the rocket.

She said, “All those years you boys were having fun.  I thought it was time for us girls to enjoy it now.”  She winked, as if she was sharing a secret.

It turned out she was.  She did not need that rocket to get to her next Christmas.  The Lord gave her a much more powerful boost to Heaven.

Where is the rocket today?  I’ll never tell.  That’s part of the mystique.  It just appears.  And there is laughter and joy … and it creates wonderful Christmas memories!

It’s OK To Cry …

Sometimes we don’t want to keep a “stiff upper lip.”

Sometimes we don’t want to be doused with optimism and look on the “bright side.”

Sometimes we have trouble believing “it will get better.”

Sometimes we need to “wallow in our misery.”

Sometimes we need to cry.

We don’t need someone to try to solve things no human can solve.

We don’t need someone to try to distract us by talking about something else.

We especially don’t need to be left alone to battle alone.

We need someone to care. We need someone who is willing to help us carry our cross all the way down the road.

We need someone who will listen and support us while we work through the pain, the doubts, the fears.

We need a midwife who will stand strong with us, as we birth whatever needs to be delivered from deep inside us.

Jesus was honest with His Friends.

“My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death.”
Matthew 26:38

And then He told them what they could do for Him.

“Stay here and keep watch with Me.”
Matthew 36:38

“Watch and pray.”
Matthew 26:41

Are you willing to be present with another, feeling all the powerlessness and pain, while you wait for The One Who is All Power to act?

You Are Highly Favored!

What would you do if an angel popped up and said, “Greetings, you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you.”

It happened to a young girl named Mary. And I can tell you, the message is for you as well.

But would you answer as she did? I invite you to watch our advent video. Christmas is not a season. It is an invitation into the most amazing life beyond your wildest dreams!

Here is the link to the playlist. Choose the video, “Pregnancy: Planned or Not?”

God Is Talking To You!

All too often we read The Bible as a narrative someone else wrote.  We believe it is a story about other people.

But God’s Word is timeless and personal.  He talks directly to us.

Recently He has been guiding me to read His Word and hear it as He talks directly to me.

On this Thanksgiving, I invite you to see The Lord at your table.  See Him turn and fix His Loving Gaze on you.

Hear Him talk directly to you … and be thankful.  He has you.  You have Him.  You lack nothing.

Psalm 23

I AM your Shepherd.  You lack nothing.

I will show you where the green pastures are.  I will insist you stop, lay down and enjoy them.

I will lead you beside the still waters. 

I will refresh your soul.

I will guide you along the right paths so you can live a life that lets others know Me too.

Even though you walk through the darkest valley, you need fear no evil, for I AM with you.

I will comfort you by using My Rod to keep your enemies at bay.  I will use My Shepherd’s Crook to draw you close to Me.  I AM your Shepherd.  You are Mine.

I will prepare a Table before you in the presence of those you thought were enemies.

You will have an opportunity to love your enemies as I taught you to do.

I will anoint your head with oil.

Your cup will overflow with Love, Joy and Peace.  

You can be sure My Goodness and Love will follow you all the days of your life.

You will dwell with Me in My House forever!

Forever Thankful!

We said for many years that everything belonged to God. However, we lived as if we owned our things.

Some years ago, God challenged us to begin living into The Truth that He really does own it all. He is trusting us to manage it.

This shift in thinking proved to be very interesting.

If it was really all His, then it meant we should be asking Him about every purchase we made. Yes … every one.

And we needed to truly ask … not tell. There is a difference in asking, “God, should I do this?” And saying, “God, I am doing this. Stop me if it’s wrong.”

Our spending habits changed.

If everything belonged to God, then we realized we were driving Dad’s car. We were wearing the clothes He gave us.

So if He wanted us to drive someone somewhere in His car, using His gas, then we needed to do it.

And if He wanted to us to help Him clothe and feed other people, then we were to do what He told us.

We realized we were living in God’s house. He is graciously allowing us to live here. The people who come here come at His Invitation and for His Purpose.

It is our mission to serve and not get in God’s Way as He carries out His Purpose.

He prepared this place for us, as He will prepare our future homes on earth or in Heaven.

When we do things in this house, we should be mindful of the fact that God is allowing us to help Him prepare this place for those who will live here after He gives us a new home one day.

I invite you into The Wonderful Truth that God owns it all. And He has chosen to share with you.

That is truly a reason to be thankful.

The Lord has done great things for us; we are filled with joy!
Psalm 126:3

Thank You!

Some time ago, I became aware of how many of my prayers and that of others were either a wish list or a to do list for God.

God, please do this. God please do that.

God, please fix this problem.

God, please give me what I want.

Everything was something we wanted Him to do, including making other people do

Churches and prayer groups are always ready to receive prayer requests. But often they do not expect praise reports.

I once was in a prayer ministry, where it felt like we were the post office. People came to us and we agreed with each other and sent the request “up.”

Never did anyone come and ask us to praise God with them. And in retrospect, I realize we never invited people to share their praises and thanks.

After this revelation, I determined to go for a period of time of limiting my prayers to only praise and thanks giving with no begging.

I dug deeper into God’s Word and saw what He had already promised to give me . No matter how I felt, I began to agree with Him that I had it (because He said so).

Agreeing with Him was much better than just getting as many prayer partners as I could to sign off on it like a petition.

I thanked God for what He said He had given me, like I was thanking Him for a Present received, but unopened yet.

While this changed my life, it is still a work in progress. The temptation to beg God is still strong, especially when I realize the limits of my own power.

But for every need I have, I find He has already provided.

When I say, “God, please be with me or someone else,” He says, “I am.”

When I say, “God, please guide us,” He says, “I am. I will.”

When I say, “God, please heal us,” He says, “I will, in My Time and in My Way.”

And the list of His Promises goes on and on.

If you feel led to join me, do this.

Become aware of how many of your prayers are wish lists or to do lists for God.

Search The Bible for anything God or Jesus promised.

Thank Him for it.

Look back over your life and reflect on how many different ways God has fulfilled His Promises.

Praise Him and thank Him for His Gifts then and now!

What Do You Need?

Do you have everything you need?

We used to get tickled at our daughter when she was very little. If she wanted something and our answer was no, she would look up very pitifully with her eyes opened wide and say, “But I need it.”

Then one day we realized she had learned that behavior from us. As we discussed purchasing something, the deciding vote was whether we really needed it.

We bought some real extravagances by coming up with pretty far fetched reasons we needed them.

I have had to ask myself recently whether I or anyone else I know is ever truly satisfied. As I have gotten older, what I believe I need has changed. I now believe I need more aging body restoration things than I need big screen TVs, or other material things.

But I still want. I still think I need things. I am not alone. Even those of us who pray usually fill our prayers with a “to do list” for God.

However, David tells us,
“The Lord is my Shepherd. I have everything I need.” (GNT)

Peter tells us,
“By His Divine Power The Lord has given us everything we need for life and godliness through the knowledge of The One Who called us by His Own Honor and Glory.”
2 Peter 1:3

Paul tells us,
“My God will give you everything you need because of His Great Riches in Christ Jesus.
Now may our God and Father be honored forever. Let it be so.”
Philippians 4:19-20

Notice, all three scriptures tell us God gives us everything we need. So perhaps, instead of asking God to give us things, we should begin by thanking Him for giving us everything we need.

And then we should ask Him to show us where it is and how to use it.

Be confident He will.

Next comes our conscious commitment to choose not to want.

The King James Version says,
“The Lord is my Shepherd. I shall not want.”

Thanksgiving points us in the right direction. We can begin a life now of thanks giving to God Who gives us everything we need!

It Is What It Is …

It is what it is.

We have heard the expression before.

But it is not always easy to fully live into it.

When adverse things happen, we often spend a lot of time being angry about why it happened.

We Monday morning quarterback whose fault it is that it has come to this.

We blame ourselves for not making better choices so it would not come to this.

We retrace our steps a thousand times with loud lamentations.

And still … it is what it is.

When we fully realize it is what it is, and going back over how we got here isn’t helping, we often try to zip ahead.

We want to be sure that what it is now will not be how it is in the future.

So we plan defensively. Even though we said we were not going back to the past, we do go back.

After all, to plan a better future, shouldn’t we learn from the past?

And so, the dizzying back and forth between past and future begins.

And we worry … a lot … about what is coming in the future.

We somehow missed avoiding what it is now. What if we have not anticipated enough things about the future?

In the eye of this self made storm sits God, waiting for us to do the one simple thing He taught David.

Be still, and know that I am God;
Psalm 46:10

We need to be still.

We need to know He is God.

He has brought us to this moment and He is with us.

We do not need to figure anything out.

We do not need to try to put the puzzle pieces together.

We do not need to do anything.

We just need to be still.

We need to experience the blessing of this moment and hear God tell us how it is what it is.

I am The Lord and there is no other; apart from Me there is no God.
Isaiah 45:5

I will never leave you nor forsake you.
Hebrews 13:5

I have loved you with an everlasting love. With unfailing love I have drawn you to Myself.
Jeremiah 31:3

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
Jeremiah 31:3

I am with you always!
Matthew 28:20

This is The Way it is.