The Beauty Within Restored and Revealed!

I am doing a book study with a friend. One of the subjects we are discussing is God’s Promise to restore what we have lost.

When we think of something being restored, we often think of things or people we lost. We think of them being returned to us, just as we last saw them.

If that were true, they would be replaced, but not necessarily restored.

What does it mean to be restored?

What if you had a fine piece of furniture, perhaps a chest of drawers originally built by a fine furniture maker and passed on to you?

It might be very valuable to you, but over time, it has become marred with chips and scratches. It’s still beautiful in a way, but you realize it is not as beautiful as it once might have been.

You search old pictures hoping to see a similar piece, so you can see how it originally looked.

One day, just below one of the deeper scratches, you notice a different color to the finish. You are intrigued. You become a little daring and scrape away a little of the finish.

But it frightens you. You suddenly fear that if you continue, you might destroy it. So you stop. But the idea never leaves you that there is something deeper than what you see.

One day you are visited by an elderly relative, who comments on the furniture piece. She tells you it looks so different from when it was built.

You are surprised and beg to know more. She then tells you of how the furniture maker carefully carried out his craft. You discover that your furniture piece was once even a different color.

She ends by suggesting you get it refinished. She assures you it can be restored.

She tells you of a furniture maker who can do the work. She assures you it will look just like the original furniture maker built it to look.

You excitedly agree. The day comes when the furniture maker arrives. The first thing he does is begin to sand away the finish. You are initially alarmed, but you allow him to continue.

Bit by bit, you begin to see your chest transformed into something unlike what you have seen before.

But still, it looks rough and unfinished. When you express concern, he says simply, “Patience. I’m not finished yet.”

You watch in wonder as the old is removed and he carefully applies a new finish. Soon you have a new chest, that resembles the old one in some ways, but is completely different in other ways.

Your chest has not been replaced. It has been restored.

What about people? Can they be restored? Can you be restored?

Is it possible that the people we see as flawed or even outright evil are not so at all? Is it possible they are simply painted over, chipped, scratched, such that they no longer look on the outside as God created them to be?

Is it possible that when they look in the mirror, they do not see the person God created them to be? They only see the person they appear to have become. And when others agree, they believe that is who they are.

Is it possible that you have never seen the re-finished, restored version of yourself?

When God restores, He does not give people or things back to us, as we believe them to be. He brings them back to His Original Design.

Picture a world where everyone is restored to God’s Original Design for them. Animals, Plants, everything in perfect order. No more knowledge of evil. Only knowledge of Good.

No more violence. No more crying. No more pain. No more doubts or fears. No more death.

Everyone is the shining masterpiece God intended from the beginning of the world. All use the talents God has given them to live together in Love, Joy and Peace.

That is the restoration God had in mind. The process begins now with our being willing to let Him work on us and all the rest of His Creation.

We will need to be patient as He removes everything He never put there.

We will need to maintain faith during the exposed, rough part of the process, knowing that The Creator is not done. He will be preparing us to receive The Glory with which He will cover us.

Faith will be important. We must believe that the finished product of what The Creator intends will be much better than what we thought was the best possible.

What will such a world look like? We don’t know yet. But we can be absolutely certain that it will be very good and all will be full of The Glory of The Lord.

Some people would call that Heaven. Some would say it will come one day in a far off place.

But Jesus saw it as beginning now. He prayed to God, “Your Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven.”

Are you ready to take your place in The Kingdom? Are you ready to be restored to The Perfection God intended for you before He even created you?

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”
Ephesians 2:10-11

If you are ready to be a part of His Kingdom, can you also believe that all … everyone and everything … He has created can be restored to be a beautiful part of His Kingdom?

“Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known.

“But we know that when Christ appears, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is.”
1 John 3:2





Memories of Agnes Black, Chief Nurse VA Medical Center

I have so many memories of Agnes Black, it will take more than one blog posting to share.

Agnes Black was the Chief Nurse at the Lexington, Kentucky VA Medical Center for many years. As such, she was my boss.

She was a no nonsense, straight laced leader, who set the bar high for all her employees. And she not only “talked the talk,” she also “walked the walk.” She led by example.

She had a phenomenal memory. She knew every staff member by name. She knew most of our family members by name.

She could reprimand the most wayward staff member and then turn right around and ask them how their sick mother was doing.

Agnes had that mysterious quality we call “presence.” When she entered the room, we had the urge to stand and salute. When she found a problem, there was a particular electricity that filled the air, sort of like the feeling just before lightening strikes.

My VA friends will remember her infamous rounds on all shifts.

When I first started working at the VA Hospital (not yet a medical center then), I was the night nurse on a large psychiatric unit.

The nursing assistants kept things in order by a combination of compassion and control (take downs and restraints if necessary).

At night, after they assured all was quiet, they sat in chairs placed strategically in the center of the hall, where they could see anyone who moved. They feared no one.

Since part of my assignment was to give morning medications to all the patients and there was no unit dose system in those days, I spent a great deal of my night “setting up meds.”

One night I answered the phone to hear a hushed voice say, “She’s making rounds.” The caller then hung up. I was baffled.

When I walked out in the hall, one of the nursing assistants asked me who had called. I relayed the strange message.

I thought I had seen everything, but clearly I hadn’t. In the blink of an eye, those big, burly men came up out of those chairs, and started frantically running through the halls, straightening up things and even waking a few trusted patients to help.

Like a legion of Paul Revere’s, they sounded the alarm, “She’s making rounds!!” Even though the patients understood, I still didn’t get it
… until … I heard the sound of a key unlocking the door. And I heard a slightly out of breath nursing assistant say, “Good morning, Mrs. Black.”

And there she stood, just as formidable at 3 AM as she was at high noon. And in that crisp voice, she said, “Good morning, Carolyn, get your flashlight. Let’s make rounds and you can tell me about your patients.”

We walked every inch of that building together and she saw everything, from a dirty wash cloth carelessly tossed aside (probably by the nursing assistant who had frantically cleaned up the break room) to a spider making its web.

She took notes and said she would follow up with the Nurse Coordinator (the days before they were called Managers), Housekeeping, Engineering, etc, etc. There was no doubt that the impact of her rounds would reverberate through the hospital the next day.

I think Agnes secretly enjoyed the delirium created by her rounds. And she was sneaky. She knew about the warning calls each unit made.

One night when our crew called the next building to report she had left our place and was likely headed to theirs, she doubled back to us. Just as we had all settled down, we heard the key in the door again!

There stood Agnes. She calmly said, “There’s just a couple of more things I wanted to check.” So while the other unit was calling us to say, “What happened, I thought you said she’s making rounds,” we were quite aware she was STILL making rounds. No one relaxed for the rest of the night. We needed medication more than the patients did!

Besides my up close and personal experience with Mrs. Black’s rounds, there was another night of rounds years later that became the stuff of legends. It was recounted by Agnes herself.

She was making rounds on one unit, who dutifully called the next unit to report she had left their unit and was headed their way.

However when the phone rang, no one was at the nurses station to receive that important call except Mrs. Black. She answered the phone.

The caller whispered, “Mrs. Black is making rounds.”

Agnes replied, “I know. I am Mrs. Black!”

According to Agnes, the caller immediately hung up and she never knew their identity. But whoever that anonymous person was, they should know that years later, Agnes was still chuckling at the memory.

I wonder when Agnes got to The Pearly Gates, if she told Saint Peter, “I’m ready to make rounds!”

And if she did, I imagine the angels of Heaven putting out the call, “Agnes is here! Get everything in order. She’s coming your way!”


Alien Report About Christmas

If we were an observer from another planet, we might agree that humans reach a whole new level of strange behavior that defies explanation during what we call the Christmas season.

The following is the report of an alien scout to his commander.

This is the strangest place I have yet visited. As you know, you sent me to earth to observe humans during what they call the Christmas season.

Since you sent me here at the height of what is supposed to be the most joyous season, I had great hopes of seeing a level of Peace and Joy that might even exceed that on our planet.

So far, peace and joy seem in short supply.

The life forms here apparently limit some of the most joyful music to only certain times of the year. To play their “December music” in any other month but late November or December is considered unusual.

Their Christmas music is a very odd assortment. They play songs every year sung by people who died years ago. I have not actually seen these dead people in the flesh.

But they have somehow captured and preserved their likenesses and voices. It’s a little creepy, but we might want to explore how they are doing this.

They play these Christmas songs everywhere, on radios, on tvs, in stores, even on the streets. Even those seeking shelter in their own homes are often sought out, so they can be exposed to the music. I think it may be a form of mind control.

The music seems to affect humans differently. Some seem happy and even peaceful. Some seem agitated.

I’ve looked for some of the ones they sing about. But so far I have not been able to identify them.

These humans seem to truly honor reindeer. They have reindeer statues on their lawns. They sing about one with a red nose. He seems to have been a real hero.

I tried to get a glimpse of these creatures by waiting at a place where they are supposed to cross the road. It was clearly marked “deer crossing,” but these creatures must be quite independent. None ever came. I shall continue to look.

The humans also put a lot of emphasis on someone they call Santa Clause. At first I thought he was the head reindeer, but he apparently is some advanced human life form.

He can do things other humans cannot do. He apparently cannot fly himself, but he commands some of the reindeer who can fly.

He has some magic power that all the thicker humans wish they had. He eats constantly, mainly a diet of cookies and milk. He is rather thick around the middle, but is able to deflate himself and be skinny enough to slide down chimneys.

The humans hold him in such high esteem that they dress like him and give gifts in his name.

I have also noted another very puzzling practice of these life forms. They decorate their houses inside and out during the Christmas season. But as soon as the season ends and it is the darkest time of the year, they turn off the lights and take down the decorations. Very strange indeed.

They also argue a lot about what is a proper way to greet each other in this season. Instead of just saying “hello,” they insist on a special greeting during the season.

Some insist on saying, “Merry Christmas” while others say, “Happy Holidays.” Both sound pretty close to what they call “merry” here, but apparently the argument has something to do with a baby named Jesus.

I have tried to research Him, since apparently He also fits somewhere in this season on planet earth.

I asked many humans about Him. Many were too busy to answer me. Some tried to explain. They often used the same phrases, but I did not understand.

I asked a small human if she knew where to find out more and she said the strangest thing of all. She told me to ask Him directly.

When I asked her where to find Him, she told me He was in my heart. I don’t understand.

Can you send me further instructions? Who is this Jesus? How do I find Him?

In due time the scout received an Answer. It didn’t come from the planet commander. It came from The Grand Commander of The Universe.

I AM called
    Wonderful Counselor,
Mighty God,
    Everlasting Father,
Prince of Peace.
Isaiah 9:6

I am the Alpha and the Omega,
Who is, and
Who was, and
Who is to come,
The Almighty.
Revelation 1:8

You will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with all your heart.
Jeremiah 29:13

And so it was that the scout learned about Love, Joy and Peace … and the true meaning of Christmas.








Why Send Christmas Letters?

I have been sending out Christmas letters for years. I come by it honestly. My parents sent them out too.

I can still see my father sitting at his old manual typewriter, typing out the family updates, wishing people well and encouraging them to write back.

We waited eagerly to hear back from friends and family. And we never “kept score.” Not receiving a card back was reason for concern and further checking to be sure everyone was alright. It was not a reason to eliminate them from next year’s list.

I found some of those precious letters from my parents. They tell the story of their lives. Joys, sorrows, hopes, dreams.

Our annual Christmas letters do likewise. I have collected all forty of them in a book and they are a treasure to me. They are truly The Story of Us.

Not only do they give the details of our lives, but they also show subtle changes, lessons learned and lessons shared with others.

Why do we still send Christmas letters? Why do we believe the recipients of our letters would even be interested in the details of our lives? Why would we even care about people who have not been a part of our lives for years?

Everyone who has ever touched our lives, whether briefly or longer, has helped to shape us in some way. They brought smiles, laughs and joy … or hard learned lessons that stung at the time, but ultimately bettered us. They nourished us or pruned us. Either way it was for our growth.

When we send our Christmas letters, we reach through time and across miles to say, “You still matter to us. You touched us and made a difference in our lives. We still think about you. We remember you with love and joy. We still want to share life with you. How are you doing on the journey?”

We like to think that even if we never hear back from those to whom we send letters, perhaps for a moment they think of us. Perhaps they think of how we affected their lives and how they affected us. Perhaps somehow we are connected again.

“I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now, being confident of this, that He Who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

“It is right for me to feel this way about all of you, since I have you in my heart …”
Philippians 1:3-7



The Great Christmas Card Adventure

The first Christmas after my mother died, I helped my father with his Christmas cards.

My mother had always been the organized one, who kept the list up to date. Her death several months before Christmas had left many things up in the air.

I thought it would be a relatively simple task. However, we could not find my mother’s most current list. We worked from the previous year’s list. Right away we hit a snag.

Our conversation went like this.

Me: Let me read through the list and see if we’ve got everyone you want to send a card to. (I began to read the list. Several names down, he stopped me.) (Names changed in following scenario to protect the living and the dead)

Daddy: Wait! I think Jack’s dead.

Me: OK, I’ll take Jack off.

Daddy: But I’m not sure. He was pretty sick and I think he died. But he might have pulled through. If he didn’t die, he’d be upset if I didn’t send him a card.

Me: OK, I’ll put him back on.

Daddy: No wait, what if he did die?

Me: Then he won’t get the card.

Daddy: But then his family will know I didn’t know he was dead. I wonder if Pearl sent a sympathy card if he died. But then I really don’t know who died first … Pearl or Jack … if Jack died.

Me: Why don’t we send a card to Jack and his wife and just write a general note that could be taken as an expression of sympathy or season’s greetings? Just don’t ask him how he is!

Daddy: Yes, that sounds like a good idea. (He picked up his pen to write a note, than paused and looked puzzled.)

Daddy: Wait a minute. It’s coming back to me now. I think it was Jack’s wife, Ann, who was so sick. And I think she died.

Me: OK, then we should take Ann off, but leave Jack on.

Daddy: No, don’t do that yet, because I’m not sure. I shouldn’t send a card to Jack if he’s really the one who died.

(Daddy looked very sad at this point.)

Daddy: I sure wish your Mama hadn’t died. She would know who is dead and alive.

Me: She probably does, Daddy. I wish she was here too. But since, she isn’t, why don’t we just send cards to everyone on the list. Whoever is alive can know we still think of those who have been promoted, as still living.

Daddy seemed satisfied with that. We did get a few back with family explaining who had died and expressing sympathy to Daddy in the loss of my mother.

It was not only Christmas greetings shared that year, but it was also a shared grief. That in itself was comforting.

And Jack really appreciated the Christmas card, since he had just lost his wife, Ann.

It was much easier to help Daddy with his Christmas cards after that first year. Several years later, after Daddy died in November, he received Christmas cards from people who did not know.

As I wrote them back, I smiled at the precious memories. We all thought of Daddy as still alive. And we were right. He had just had a change of address!



God’s Gift Wrapped in The Universe!

It was said Jesus was born in a manger because there was no room for Him in the inn.

Various interpretations have been given to this detail of the Christmas story.

Sometimes we might think this was an unfortunate turn of events. We feel sorry for Mary especially, who, being very pregnant had just made a journey either walking or on the back of a donkey. It was a wonder she did not go into labor on the way!

And, of course, Joseph must have been feeling a little stressed himself, having to coordinate everything and realizing he was the “wingman” for Jesus’ Entrance into the world!

We feel sorry for Jesus, Who seemed to have drawn His First Breaths outside, unsheltered.

We wonder if the inn keeper could not have tried harder to find some place inside for this weary couple. Was it possible he did not want to be involved in what appeared to be an imminent birth?

And what about God Himself? Many might secretly wonder why God did not provide a better place for His Son to be born. Was God branding Jesus as an outsider from the very beginning?

No, I believe God was sending a wondrous Invitation to us all to join His Birthday Party.

God wanted us to know the Vastness of His Glory could never be contained in simple manmade dwellings. And yet it could be contained in something He created … a tiny baby.

Tucked into a feeding trough called a manger, Jesus gave The Message yet to be spoken.

Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to Me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in Me will never be thirsty.”
Matthew 6:35

Jesus, The Gift of The Bread of Life was presented, wrapped in The Glory of The Universe itself.

Jesus was presented in full view of both Heaven and earth, where, it was as in the time of God’s First creation of earth.

“ … the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy!”
Job 38:7

No one who wanted to worship Jesus was excluded from His Birth.
Angels, shepherds, animals, and later, wise men, came.

Those who were not quite ready to receive Him could have come too. Even the inn keeper and all his guests could have come.

Even those who sought to do Jesus harm would have been welcomed, if they had chosen to come in humility and put away their evil intentions.

Was it a problem that there was no room at the inn? No, Jesus needed a bigger venue with lots of room to reveal Himself as a new resident of Earth.

Jesus is The Gift Who keeps giving. He is wrapped and ready for you to discover Him right now. You won’t even have to wait for Christmas!

Come let us adore Him!



God’s Plans

Jesus says, “Follow Me!”

As one who frequently tries to run ahead, I worry about far too many things, many of which, thankfully never come to be.

I end up in the same place Eve did, believing if she just had enough knowledge, she could figure out how to handle life.

When I have a problem, I search the web endlessly, acquiring information. And like Eve, I end up with much more knowledge of evil than I ever wanted.

Besides the internet, I have other knowledge of evil that came to me through many years as a nurse. I know many happy stories, but I also know about times when things disastrously did not go as expected.

I have eye surgery scheduled for later this week. I have gone through a battery of tests. I have gotten multiple opinions. I have exhaustively researched the options.

I have prayed about everything I can think of. I have listened for God’s Answers in between my incessant talking. (I’m so thankful He is patient with me.)

I feel good about the surgeon, the the place to have it done, and the timing. I feel optimistic about the outcome.

But satan never gives up. He reminds me of evil. He entices me into playing “what if.” He pushes me to get one more piece of information or rehearse one more scenario, just in case I need to know what to do.

When I choose to turn him off, I hear God speaking from deep within my spirit, from that place satan can never reach.

I share God’s Word because you may be experiencing a similar battle. His Word to me is His Word to you as well.

“I have loved you with an Everlasting Love.”
Jeremiah 31:3

God has been loving us from the beginning. He loves us in a way that is Perfect.

“There is no fear in Love, but Perfect Love casts out fear.”
1 John 4:18

God created us. He knows every cell of our bodies. He knows how it all fits together. He can be directly on the scene, even closer than any surgeon can be.

“For You created my inmost being;
You knit me together in my mother’s womb.

I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your Works are wonderful.”
Psalm 139:13-14

God keeps watch over us all the time. He watches us with His Eyes!

“The Eyes of The Lord are everywhere, keeping watch.”
Proverbs 15:3

God had Plans for us and for everyone who will care for us, long before His Plan was revealed to us.

God had Plans for my surgeon. He worked things together to protect him and train him and bring him to the time when He would honor him by allowing him to care for the eyes He had created.

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”
Ephesians 2:10

As much as we want to know every detail of God’s Plan, He reveals only one piece at a time. He knows The Plan. I know Him. I trust Him. That’s really all I need to know!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
Jeremiah 29:11





Would You Follow Jesus Anywhere?

Would you go anywhere with Jesus? Many of us might enthusiastically sing, “All to Jesus I surrender” or “I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back.” We might even believe it sincerely.

But we often forget all the places Jesus goes.

When we go where Jesus goes, we may find there are some places we go that we would rather not. When we get in an uncomfortable spot, we often see ourselves as victims and beg Jesus for deliverance.

We see our unfortunate circumstances as obstacles to our being able to get on with our mission of spreading the gospel.

But what if the “unfortunate circumstances” are part of God’s Divine Appointment for us? What if we are being sent to the hospital, nursing home, prison, funeral home, streets, etc to bring God’s Light and Love to people we might never have met any other way?

What if our purpose is not only bringing Light, but actually experiencing what others are experiencing?

We often keep a safe distance between ourselves and those who suffer.

We don’t like to consider that we might fall victim to the same suffering. We hate the feeling of powerlessness that reminds us we are not God and we cannot “fix” everything according to our formula.

And so as we dispense good cheer, we stand a comfortable distance away. Paul encouraged us to

“Help carry each other’s burdens. In this way you will follow Christ’s teachings.”
Galatians 6:2

Jesus got close. He lived in a human body. He chose to experience what we experience. He was tempted as we are. He carried our diseases.

He is living inside us right now going through whatever we are going through with us, every step of the way.

Some of the greatest lessons of my life have come through times of suffering. Some came when I suffered. Some came through the faithful witness to me from those who were suffering.

Paul, the great missionary, told of his experience with suffering. He asked The Lord to take away some things he felt were hindering him. God would not do it.

But He told me: “My Grace is all you need. My Power is strongest when you are weak.”

So, Paul said, “I will boast even more about my weaknesses in order that Christ’s Power will live in me.

Therefore, I accept weakness, mistreatment, hardship, persecution, and difficulties suffered for Christ. It’s clear that when I’m weak, I’m strong.”
2 Corinthians 12:9-11

We are always on the mission field with Jesus. Wherever our journey takes us, He is at work. And we can be humbly honored that He has chosen to take us with Him.

Look around you in every circumstance for the opportunities to receive His Light and share it with others.

Jesus said, “I am The Light of the world. Whoever follows Me will have a life filled with Light and will never live in the dark.”
John 8:12

Jesus said, “You are Light for the world. ..let your Light shine in front of people. Then they will see the good that you do and praise your Father in heaven.”
Matthew 5:14-16

Do all for The Glory of God!
1 Corinthians 10:31





Sometimes we don’t want to keep a “stiff upper lip.”

Sometimes we don’t want to be doused with optimism and look on the “bright side.”

Sometimes we have trouble believing “it will get better.”

Sometimes we need to “wallow in our misery.”

Sometimes we need to cry.

We don’t need someone to try to solve things no human can solve.

We don’t need someone to try to distract us by talking about something else.

We especially don’t need to be left alone to battle alone.

We need someone to care. We need someone who is willing to help us carry our cross all the way down the road.

We need someone who will listen and support us while we work through the pain, the doubts, the fears.

We need a midwife who will stand strong with us, as we birth whatever needs to be delivered from deep inside us.

Jesus was honest with His Friends.

“My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death.”
Matthew 26:38

And then He told them what they could do for Him.

“Stay here and keep watch with Me.”
Matthew 36:38

“Watch and pray.”
Matthew 26:41

Are you willing to be present with another, feeling all the powerlessness and pain, while you wait for The One Who is All Power to act?



Happy Birthday!

In a few minutes, on November 9, according to some statistics, I will be a year older.

The completion of another trip around the sun does not really “complete” anything. There is not even a slow down in the universe to mark any kind of anniversary of my birth.

I keep moving as does everyone else. And the world does not stop for any event of my life.

When I thought the disasters of the past were so profound that the world would end, it didn’t.

When life was so beautiful, I wanted to stop and hold on to those moments forever, the world kept spinning.

On the day of my death, the world will not end for me or anyone else. The journey will continue.

So if the universe seems not to notice us, is there any point in trying to get someone to celebrate the anniversary of our birth?

It used to be I thought my birthday should be a day when I was the center of attention. It didn’t always work that way. And then I felt disappointed.

After a few more trips around the sun, I learned that I am not the one to be adored, even if on only one day a year. The one to be adored is God, My Creator.

A Birthday is an opportunity to praise God for giving me this Life and for letting me live it with Him.

While the universe seems not to notice, my Creator sees and cares about every frame of my life. I am a part of His Plan!

God chose to create me and bring me into this world at a specific time and place. Before I was born, He knew what He was creating me to do.

He did not send me here alone. He chose to be with me for every second of my life.

He forgives my missteps over and over again. He lifts me out of the mud, cleans me up and lets me dance with Him on the heights.

He shows me the wonders of the world. He gives me His Joy in knowing I am a part of His Creation.

He tells me He knows The Plans He has for me. He promises they are Good Plans.

I am awed and amazed at all the ways He expresses His Love to me and through me.

God did not ordain one day for me to celebrate myself. He ordained every day to be a day of celebration of Life with Him. Every day He gives is a birth-day with Him.

And that means today is your birthday too! I invite you to celebrate our life together with Him by reading His Birth-day greetings from His Word.

This is the day the Lord has made.
Let’s rejoice and be glad today!
Psalm 118:24

(Join with David the Psalmist in considering God’s Creation of you!)

You alone created my inner being.
You knitted me together inside my mother.

I will give thanks to You because I have been so amazingly and miraculously made. Your Works are miraculous, and my soul is fully aware of this.

My bones were not hidden from You when I was being made in secret, when I was being skillfully woven in an underground workshop.

Your eyes saw me when I was still an unborn child. Every day of my life was recorded in Your Book before one of them had taken place.

How precious are Your Thoughts concerning me, O God!

How vast in number they are!
If I try to count them, there would be more of them than there are grains of sand.
When I wake up, I am still with You.
Psalm 139:13-18

“I know The Plans that I have for you,” declares the Lord. “They are Plans for peace and not disaster, Plans to give you a future filled with hope.”
Jeremiah 29:11

 God has made us what we are. He has created us in Christ Jesus to live lives filled with good works that He has prepared for us to do.
Ephesians 2:10-11

The Lord says, “I will instruct you.
I will teach you the way that you should go. I will advise you as My Eyes watch over you.”
Psalm 32:8

Remember that I am always with you until the end of time.
Matthew 28:20