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  1. Missy Floy says:

    Very nice Carolyn

  2. Paula says:

    In the movie Hook I thought one of the most insightbul moments was when Peter had gone back to Never Land & was with the Lost boys. The one that kept circiling him, and then took his face in his hands and asked, “Are you in there Peter?” I enjoyed reading your blogs. Thanks for sharing. Paula Caldwell

  3. Amy Barkman says:

    Hi, Carolyn,
    David Moore e-mailed me the “lights” article and I liked it and came to your website – as you can imagine I love the name since my Ministry organization since 1979 is Voice of Joy Ministries!
    And it’s really funny as I read on down – just this morning I texted my daughter and told her I finally thought of what I want for Christmas…the dvd of Hook. I was meditating on becoming like a child again and thought of how he was so hungry at the table and couldn’t see the food until he let himself relax and play like a child.
    Was sorry not to see you at the MM party last night. I pray you have a very blessed and joyful Christmas season and 2012.
    In His Love,

  4. laura noe says:

    Wow… good!

  5. portia says:

    Thank you Carolyn I ,have always enjoyed everything that you write especially at v.a. where I first met you and read your stories you put in the news letters. your very inspirational and you made me really think about how I pray and what I pray about. thank you.

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