We often enjoy a good science fiction movie or tv show about exploring other worlds … or even aliens coming to our world.  If it feels a little familiar to you, it’s because you were sent to planet earth from another world too!

You were sent by God to this planet with a specific mission.  Some of the things you need to survive here were already packed inside you.  You were given talents and gifts from the time of your birth.

You may have already discovered your natural talent can only take you so far.  There are other things you need while you are here on earth.  You will be given clues as to where to find what you need, but you will have to search them out yourself.

The really good news is that you have not been sent here alone!  The One Who sent you is here with you all the time.  He knows everything about you and the Mission.  He can give you up to the minute updates.

You have been given a specific space suit to wear while you live here.  It’s called a human body.  It’s already preprogrammed with what you need to survive here.  It has just enough oxygen for you to survive the number of years of your assignment.

Your first years here were mainly spent getting used to living on planet earth and getting to know the other people who are also here on assignment.  But now your initial orientation is over.  It is time to dedicate yourself to fulfilling the mission for which you were sent here!

Why are you here?  To answer that, we will have to go back to the beginning.  Would you like to know who you are and why you are here?  If so, come along and let’s explore together!

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