Being born was not particularly easy for your mother or for you.  Then, as now, we got used to being in the womb … protected, nourished and cozy.  Curled up near our mother’s heart seemed like a fine place to be … until things began to get a little tight.

Where we were once able to stretch our new arms and legs and even change our position, things changed.  That expandable greenhouse could only expand so far.

As cramped as things were getting, we might have chosen to stay put, given we really had no clue about the outside world.  And even, if we thought about it, we would not have known how to get there.

But remember our Awesome God had a Plan.  The day came when the walls of the greenhouse began to move.  A Powerful Force took over and we found ourselves being pushed out of the womb.  Down a long passage, we moved forward and backward.  One minute, progressing toward our bright new world, the next minute, falling back toward all that was familiar.

Ever feel like that now?  We get comfortable in our habits and familiar surroundings.  We float along, vaguely conscious there could be something better “out there”, but we are not sure how to get it.  When the Forces of Life push us towards something new, we see it for a moment, and then we fall back into what we think is the security of our present world.

Would we ever venture forward and be willing to leave it all behind, except for big circumstances that force a change?  How many changes have you made because you had to?  But then you knew you had come to a better place than you could have ever imagined.

As we moved down the birth canal, the way back to our temporary home was blocked.  The very walls that supported us in the womb collapsed behind us.  And the really frightening part was that we could not move ourselves along to safety.  Safety could only come one way … trusting and surrendering to God, the Power Who moved us out of the dark tunnel into the Light.

As we moved into the bright light of a brand new life, we had our first chance to inhale the sweetness of earth air.  We were so overcome we made a  noise that sounded like earth crying.  But God and all the angels of Heaven recognized that sound as our “Glory Hallelujah”!  Somehow this earth place felt like coming home!

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