Go back to those lessons of childhood.  (See last post.) Those lessons were not just for childhood.  They are for life!  They are crucial to your entering the Kingdom of Heaven!  God wants you to remember who you are and Whose you are.  You are a Child of God!

Trust God to take care of you.

Turn only to God for your spiritual feeding.

Don’t worry about tomorrow.  God is already there!

Stay close to God’s Heart through feeding on His Word.  Spend time  cuddled up close to Him.  Talk to Him and listen to HIm.

Step back into the other dimension where you can see God with your spiritual eyes, hear Him with your spiritual ears, smell the pleasant aroma that says He is near, taste His Goodness and feel His Touch.  Know that one day you will see Him again in the physical way.  But for now, delight in His Presence in ways far beyond the physical.

Enjoy life!  God still wants to play Hide and Seek with you.  He is calling you to explore earth and find Him everywhere.  Start by looking up.  The Heavens are declaring the Glory of God!  Remember one of the first words you learned:  Look!

Rest in God.  Take regular times to acknowledge He runs the world and you don’t have to.  Be still and know that He is God and you are not.  Accept His Peace.  It is His Gift to you!

Forgive and forget.  Don’t lose your way because you keep trying to walk forward, while looking back.  Take the lessons of yesterday, leave the regrets, and move forward, following the Lord.

Believe what God tells you.  Learn to listen to His Voice and follow Him.

Obey what God says.  Know He has the Plan for your Life and it’s a Good Plan.  Go back to Lesson Number 1:  Trust Him!

Like Peter Pan, you may have forgotten how to fly.  You’re on earth now and your physical body will respond to gravity.  But your spirit is free to fly anytime you choose.  Second star to the right and straight on to morning!  




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