Is it possible to think of Christmas without thinking of food?  Many of us are already anticipating a “season of dieting” in January, based on our plans for December!  

If you read through the life of Jesus, you will find an assortment of stories relating to food and drink.  His first miracle was the changing of water into wine.  And throughout His Life, He frequently ate with other people.  

So before His Death, it is not surprising that we find Him once again eating with His Beloved Disciples.  As was common with Jesus, He taught them, using something with which they were familiar, to explain something they did not know.

Jesus took common, ordinary bread, broke it, thanked God for it, and offered it to His Disciples.  He stated simply it was His Body.

He then took wine, blessed it and offered it also to His Beloved Friends.  He stated simply it was His Blood.

There is no record of how the disciples responded to this unusual offering.  Would you have been puzzled by such statements from your friend?  Would you have wanted to eat something He had just identified as His Body and His Blood?

Jesus then took it one step further.  He asked His Disciples to remember Him every time they ate and drank in the future.  What secret of the Kingdom was Jesus sharing with them?

I believe Jesus was telling them,  “I am willing to give everything I have for you.  My primary purpose in coming was to feed you spiritually and show you how to feed others.  There is a world of spiritually hungry people out there.  The best way to remember Me is to feed them, as I have fed you.

You are no longer filled with sin sick blood.  As of now, you have had the ultimate blood transfusion.  As long as you regularly take in My Word and allow Me to flow all throughout your body and spirit, you will have the Power to do what I want you to do.”

Instead of a hurried “yay God” type of  “blessing”, (so we can get on with eating), what if we really remembered Him before we put anything in our mouth?  What if we truly thanked Him for all the ways He has fed us through our lives, not only with regular food, but also with spiritual food?

What if we remembered all the times Jesus has fed us by coming to us through others?  What if we stopped in wonder to consider that His Blood flows in us this very second?  What if we used every time we ate as another opportunity to truly remember Him … and remember our mission to allow Him to feed others through us?

As you enjoy the treats of the holiday season, eat with joy!  And with each bite, celebrate the Gift Jesus has given us.  And pass it on!

And He took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying,

“This is My Body, given for you; do this in remembrance of Me.”

Luke 22:19

{Peter said}, “Lord, You know all things; You know that I love You.”

Jesus said, “Feed My Sheep.”

John 21:17 

The best diet ever does not involve counting calories.

It involves counting Blessings received from the Lord of the Universe.

Jesus is still here.

Allow HIm to feed you the Bread of Life!

I am the Bread of Life!

John 6:48

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