After most of the gifts of the season are given, many of us put them away and “survey the loot.”  What’s the score for true treasures, gifts you might give to someone else as a gift, gifts you hope to learn how to use (gifts to grow into), gifts you may have to change a little before you can use (that sweater that is a tad too snug), and gifts you will save simply because they remind you of the giver?

Are you satisfied with your gifts?  What determines how satisfied you are?  The answer to that may in part depend upon how much you needed the gift.  Consider a gift that literally means Life to you.  

One of the most precious experiences of my life was being involved with the Kentucky Organ Donor’s Association.  I signed on for general interest in the cause, not realizing that many of the members are organ recipients themselves.

At the first meeting, I was approached by different people, who asked in an excited hush, “What did you get?”  I thought we were talking about dessert … until each one began to tell me with awe filled voices what they had received.  Lungs, Kidneys, Corneas, and other organs … many recounted with tears in their eyes how they were headed for death and because of a gift of life, they were now healthy and able to tell others about their gift.

We were once headed for death.  God is a just God.  When we hear what God established as His pay scale for any sin we committed, most of us beg to skip pay day.  God said the “wages of sin is death.”  If that were all to the sentence, we would be headed for death with no hope of resurrection.  But praise God, there is more to the sentence!

You can accept your just wages or you can accept a Gift … the best one you will ever receive … the Gift of Eternal Life through Jesus Christ our Lord!  Why did Jesus come to earth?  The answer was in His Name … He came to save His People from their sins.  

Having received so great a Gift, wouldn’t you want to tell everyone you knew about it?  How many of us take that Gift and hoard it, reveling in the “I got it” moment … and forgetting those who don’t know the Gift is for them as well.  The beautiful thing about the Gifts of God is when you give them away, you don’t lose them.  You gain even more, as Treasures are laid up in Heaven, just waiting for your arrival!

What did you get?  Consider the answer to that question with joy!  Praise God for His Gifts of Life and pass them on! 

For the wages of sin is death,

but the Gift of God is Eternal Life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Romans 6:23

For it is by Grace you have been saved,

through faith — and this not from yourselves,

it is the Gift of God.

Ephesians 2:8

For this reason, I remind you to fan into flame the Gift of God,

which is for you …

2nd Timothy 1:6

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