What if you won the biggest prize of all times?  What would you do with it?  As the lottery pay off grew to astronomical proportions, many of us began to dream.

News commentators interviewed people and asked them what they would do with the money if they won.  Almost everyone detailed things they might purchase, but they also talked about how they would use the money to help others.  Few, if any, planned to hoard all their winnings and never do anything with it.

What if it was you who won?


But What if You Didn’t Know You Won?

Is it possible you could win and not know it?  If a ticket had been purchased for you and was being held under your name, but you did not know, then you would not claim it.  Wouldn’t that be sad!  All that money waiting for you and you never knew.

There is a Prize waiting for each of us.  It is more than a Prize.  It is a Gift!  It was purchased by Jesus just for us.  If you are a Christian, you already know.  But think of the millions of people who don’t know they are entitled to a Prize even bigger than the lottery.  And they have never met the One Who purchased it for them.

Many of us may tell total strangers they left their car lights on or that they dropped their money.  If we are particularly bold, we may even relay such personal information as telling someone they forgot to zip their pants.  Yet, even as “good Christian people,” we may never make the effort to tell anyone the biggest Gift of their Life is waiting for them.

If you are a Christian, you are already assigned to the Prize Notification Center.  How many people did you notify today?


What if You Didn’t Claim Your Prize?

There is another possibility.  What if you were notified you had won, but you never got around to claiming your prize.  Can you imagine someone knowing they had won the lottery, but just postponing going to claim their prize?  Can you imagine the winner saying, “I’ll take care of that one day.  I’ve got time.”  I suspect the winner would put claiming their prize at the head of their to do list!

To claim your Gift of Eternal Life, there is no time to waste.  The offer will not be there forever.  Even with the lottery, there is a deadline beyond which you cannot have the prize, even if you won it.  In the spiritual world, it is the same.  If you don’t claim your Prize before the deadline, you have no prize.  Deadline will just equal dead.


What if You Claimed Your Prize and then Buried It?

What if you claim your prize and go right home and bury it in your backyard or perhaps put it in some bank account, where it can grow.  If you won, shouldn’t you have the right to a nice nest egg for rainy days?  The interesting thing is that eggs just left in the nest forever don’t grow.  They die.

Every day across the globe, people are having “rainy days.”  In fact, some are drowning.   Would you look away from their misery and despair while you counted your money?  Or would you choose to invest in Treasures in Heaven, with a guaranteed high rate of return on your investment?

Jesus talked about how God would view someone who took His Prize and buried it instead of using it.  Check out Matthew 25:14-29.  Jesus bluntly tells us how God would view hoarding.  He used words like “lazy” and “wicked.”  (Gulp!)

What are you doing with the Gift of Eternal Life Jesus has purchased for you?  What are you doing with the Riches of Glory He has given you?  Are you smugly enjoying the thought you have eternity all taken care of, but are giving no thought to others who need to know they can join you there?


What to Do with Your Winnings!

Consider the Prize of Eternal Life you have won.  Drink in the wonder of knowing you have it.  Praise God for it!

Reflect on the Price Jesus paid to purchase that Gift for you.

Claim your Prize with Joy and Thanksgiving!   Celebrate with the One Who made it all possible!

Recognize it as the Gift that is designed to keep giving.  Unlike the money from the lottery, the more you share the Life Jesus has given you, the more your Treasure grows!

And with each lottery drawing, you can smile to realize you already have a sure thing in the Prize Jesus has brought you.  There is no gambling or working hard for it.  There is no possibility that it is not yours.  It is a Gift!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Life!  This is your official notification.  You won!!  Be sure to notify the other Prize Recipients!


The Gift of God is Eternal Life in Christ Jesus our Lord! 

 Romans 6:23

And be sure of this, I am with you always!  

Matthew 28:20


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  1. Claudia says:

    What a great perspective!
    Another way to see our Christian “reality”…
    Seeing the similarities between living and sharing our spiritual treasure-gifts
    with our financial gifts…
    Very good “in-sight”…
    Thank you Carolyn!

  2. Edie Hertzog says:

    Oh, Carolyn, how God gifts you with words that people can understand. Thank you for sharing!

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