Hm-m-m, what should I get Susan?  She’s always so picky.  What about John … no, I think I can leave him off, because he never gives me anything.  My husband?  That’s easy … something I want … because I’m going to get to use whatever I get him!

Besides the mind boggling dilemma of what to get for who, Christmas giving can be an expensive process that leaves many in financial peril.  Even those who try to budget often get caught up in the season and outspend their limits.  For some, the inability to give expensive gifts makes them feel less than worthy.

How did an act like giving that was designed to be a joy become such a hassle?  This year, I suggest we go bck to God’s Guidelines for giving.  How does God give?

Join me as we read Chapter Fifteen of Christmas of Discovery together.  You might change your mind about what a Perfect Gift is and how to give it!

Chapter Fifteen can be heard by clicking on the Title, The Season of Giving.


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