Do you have regular after Christmas activities?  When I was growing up, we all knew what we would be doing the day after Christmas.  We would be writing thank you notes.  Not only was my mother very emphatic that we write them, but she was also emphatic that we write them soon after we received the gifts.  

And she put in another wrinkle.  She said we should say how we planned to use it.  Example:  “Thank you for the new mixing bowl.  You know I love to cook, and I plan to bake a chocolate cake this afternoon, using my new mixing bowl.”

What if we thought of every gift God has given us and we said, “Thank You, God for giving me ______.  I look forward to using it in this way.”  Think of it.  “Thank You, God for our house.  I plan to use it in this way.”  “Thank You, God, for my vision … my hearing … etc.  I plan to use them in this way.”

In Chapter Twenty-Eight of Christmas of Discovery, we will explore the Gifts God has given us.  Some of them are so obvious and wonderful, it is easy to thank Him and to say how we think we will use them.  However, we may have received some things that are not so obviously Gifts.  In fact, we may look at some things we have received and wonder if we got the booby prize.  And some Gifts of God may lay unopened because we never recognized them as Gifts at all.

But God does not give duds of gifts.  He gives the Best of Gifts!

Every good and perfect Gift is from above,

coming down from the Father of the Heavenly Lights,

Who does not change like shifitng shadows.  

James 1:17

To listen to Chapter Twenty-Eight, click on the title, Thank You for the Interesting Gift!


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