Most New Year’s Eve parties are filled with celebration.  Good times of the past year are remembered.  Bad times are buried.  New hopes for the future are dreamed about.  Promises to ourselves and to each other are made.

Alas, as the so called merriment of New Year’s Eve comes to the grand finale, many are already drowning in a haze of too much food and too much drink.  Many will find the first day of the new year looks and feels remarkably similar to the old year, (except, perhaps, for a bit of a hangover).

In Chapter Thirty of Christmas of Discovery, I invite you to a New Year’s Eve Celebration like you may have never experienced before.  There will be very important guests there.  In fact, you will discover you are a Guest of Honor!  

There will be time to look back at what brought you to this present moment.  There will be time to look toward the future.  There may be some tears, but there will also be laughter, singing and dancing.  There will be Holy Hugs of Heart to Heart Time.  There will be time to commit in New Covenant Promises to the One Who loves you so very much.

Are you looking for someone whose love for you will last?  Are you looking for someone you can trust enough to love forever?  Do you want someone who will be faithful?  

Do you long for someone who wants to be with you so much that they want to be one with you?

If so, look no further!  He is here!  Jesus, The One Whose Birth we have celebrated, is waiting at the party for you!

I have loved you with an Everlasting Love.  

Therefore, I have continued My Faithfulness to you.  

Jeremiah 31:3

(Jesus speaking to God about you) 

Father, I want everyone You have given Me to be with Me, wherever I am.  

John 16:24

Surely I am with you always!  

Matthew 28:20

To listen to Chapter Thirty, click on the title, You Are Invited To A Very Different Kind of New Year’s Eve Party!

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