At the time of Jesus’ Birth, there came wise men from the East.  How did they know to begin their journey?  They had studied about the One Who was to come and they had been watching for Him.  How did they know where to search?  They followed the Divine Guidance of God, the Father, Who was leading them.

The interesting thing about the wise men is that they did not go straight to Jesus.  They faced obstacles along the way.  They could have given up and gone home … but they didn’t.  They kept searching.  It is estimated it took them a couple of years to find Jesus.  But so great was their desire to see Him face to Face, they kept looking.

Tonight we come to the end of our time together in reading Christmas of Discovery.  The good news is that the Celebration of Jesus’ Birth cannot be contained in a season or even a year.  The revelations you have experienced during this season are only the beginnings of the journey to which God is calling you.  

It is never too late to begin your journey.  What has happened before now was not time wasted.  Every experience you have had so far in your life has been preparation for what you will do now.  

In Chapter Thirty-Two of Christmas of Discovery, we explore a wondrous Gift God has given the world.  That Gift is you!  As He did with Jesus, God has sent you to earth in this time and place.  He has placed within your heart a special Mission, which only you can carry out.  He has equipped you with everything you will need.

Where do you begin?  As the wise men did, begin by studying and looking around you.  Study the Life of Jesus.  Find out how He lived Life on Planet Earth.  Get to know Him so well you will instantly recognize His Voice as the Voice of God.  Be still and know that God is God, and you are not.  Listen to what He says.  Do what He says.  Let His Life Shine through you.  Remember you are here on an important Mission!

When that Mission is complete, you will be going Home to join the Saints, who have been cheering us on.  May we all be able to say, as did Mary,

I am the Lord’s Servant … May Your Word to me be fulfilled!

Luke 1:38

To listen to Chapter 31, click on the title, Wise Men and Women Still Seek Him!


Even though the reading of Christmas of Discovery comes to an end with this post, the blog Jump for Joy will continue.  So you can find me through this same link.  The next blog post will explore “You Are A Mirror!”  Many people give up on their new resolutions because we keep seeing them in the old ways.  And we keep telling them, with every slip up, they will “never change.”  In the next blog posting we will look at how we can reflect the best in others instead of the worst!  I hope to continue the journey with you!

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