Do God’s Laws Work All The Time?

Do the Laws of Nature set by God really work?  If you jumped off your roof, could you fly or would the Law of Gravity prevail?  The Law of Gravity would apply and you would drop like a rock!

Does this mean it is impossible for you to fly?  No!  God can take His Own Laws up a notch, just for us.  Today, it is common for people to get on airplanes and fly!

But in order to fly, we have to be in the right place at the right time and follow all the instructions that allow flight to happen.  It is the same with God’s Spiritual Laws.  He provides reliably, but we have to follow His Rules!



All By Myself!

If you believe I AM  means what you can do alone, you are headed for a devastating fall.  You in yourself, can do nothing!  In a life where we value having control over everything, this may be a disconcerting thought.

Psalm 46:10 proclaims a simple Truth from God:

Be still and know that I AM God!

He is God!  We are not.  That should be good news!  We don’t have to worry about controlling anything.  God has it all covered.  So how can we cooperate with Him?



Know  I AM God!

Remember in the last post, we referenced Jesus’ Words that many would proclaim they had done great things in His Name and He would say He never knew them!

When you use God’s Name, His Power only flows when what you say agrees with Him.  Study God’s Word to know what He says.  Agree with Him and He will agree with you!



Know That You Are One with God/Jesus/The Holy Spirit!

This Oneness was God’s Design from the beginning.  He has been inside us from the moment of conception.  There may have been many times when we didn’t recognize Him or chose not to acknowledge Him, but He has been with us all along.

We speak of inviting God/Jesus/The Holy Spirit into our hearts, but this may be a little inaccurate.  He has been inside all along, but one day we discover Him and rejoice to fully acknowledge He is there!  When we try to tell Him all about our life before Him, we find He already knew it all.  He has been there for every moment.

Jesus spoke of His Important Relationship with the Father.  John 10:30 records,

I and the Father are One!

John 14:19-20 records Jesus’ Words, when He revealed that not only were He and the Father One, but that we are also part of the One.

Because I live, you will also live!  

On that day, you will realize that

 I AM in My Father

 and you are in Me, 

and I AM in you!

Jesus lived a Life that revealed how this arrangement works.



God Says — We Do!

Many of us learned the child’s game, “Simon Says.”  In that game, a leader calls out different commands.  But if the command is not prefaced by the words, “Simon Says,” the participants are to ignore the command and not do it.  If they do act on the invalid command, they are out of the game.  Each time the command is prefaced by “Simon Says” and the participants follow the valid command, they move forward!

How easily we learn children’s games, but we often do not apply the same principles to our spiritual life!

John 14:31 records Jesus’ Words:

I love the Father

 and do exactly 

what My Father has commanded Me!

Note:  He said, “Exactly!”  Not “sort of,” or “sometimes.”  But EXACTLY!



Can’t We Just Charge Up On God Now and Then?

Unfortunately sometimes we do treat God as a sometimes thing.  We think of charging a battery that should last for awhile.  We think of putting gas in the car and driving it until the gas tank is almost empty.  

We think of going to church on Sundays or maybe an intense revival now and then.  Why do those things seem so short lived?  Don’t they show we know God and love Him?

That is not the relationship God had in mind when He designed us to be One with Him.  He actually intended just what He said when He spoke a phrase that is so often used today.  It is a phrase that is often misunderstood by both Christians and non-Christians alike.



Born Again!

A man named Nicodemus once came to Jesus with an important question.  His conversation is recorded in John 3:1-6.

Nicodemus said, “Rabbi, we know that 

you are a teacher who has come from God.  

For no one could perform the signs you are doing

 if God were not with Him.”

Smart man!  He knew such miracles could only come from God.  But Nicodemus could only visualize a relationship in which Jesus must have a close connection with God.  He could not visualize a relationship in which Jesus would be One with God.  

Jesus replied, “Very truly, I tell you, 

no one can see the Kingdom of God 

unless they are born again!”

Nicodemus just didn’t get it.  He asked Jesus, 

“How can someone be born when they are old?  

Surely they cannot enter a second time

 into their mother’s womb to be born!”

Jesus answered, 

“Very truly I tell you, 

no one can enter the Kingdom of God 

unless they are born of water and The Spirit. 

 Flesh gives birth to flesh, 

but The Spirit gives birth to Spirit!”


Back To The Womb!

We sometimes forget what it was like to be in the womb.  We were close to our mother’s heart, dependent upon her nutrients and oxygen flowing into us.  We were firmly attached by a literal Life Line.

And it was not a sometimes thing.  As a baby, you went everywhere with your mother.  There was not a moment when you were ever apart.  Even when you could not see her face to face yet, you knew her.  You heard the sounds of the world she moved in.  Yet you were protected, safe inside until the day when you would see her face to face!

That is the kind of relationship God designed for us!



I Am Nothing But Dead By Myself!

Jesus told The Truth.  So as warm and loving as our womb picture is, the whole Truth is that apart from God, we can literally do nothing.

John 15:4-5 records the Words of Jesus when He said,

“Remain in Me, as I also remain in you.  

No branch can bear fruit by itself; 

it must remain in the vine. 

 Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in Me.

I AM the vine; you are the branches.  

If you remain in Me and I in you, 

you will bear much fruit; 

apart from Me, you can do nothing!”

John 5:19 records the Words of Jesus when He said, 

“Very truly I tell you, 

the Son can do nothing by Himself; 

He can do only what He sees His Father doing, 

because whatever the Father does, 

the Son also does!”


Come Home!

If you would like to receive the Power of the Great I AM, go home!  Ask God to let you back into the womb, where you can hear His Heart beat, where you can feel His Warmth and Protection, where you can receive what you need for real Life every moment of that Life!

Grow and anticipate the time when you will see Him Face to Face in a bigger, brighter world than you can imagine right now!  



Words to Grow On!

We will look more at the I AM Statements of Jesus in our next post.  But for now, be still and know that He is God.  Let Him feed you!

In the Beginning was The Word 

and the Word was with God 

and THE WORD was God!  

John 1:1

Jesus answered, “It is written: 

 ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, 


 that comes from the Mouth of God!”  

Matthew 4:4

Then Jesus declared, 

“I AM the Bread of Life.  

Whoever comes to Me will never go hungry

 and whoever believes in Me will never be thirsty.”  

John 6:35


Points to Ponder

Continue to inventory your thoughts and speech.  Do your I AM statements reflect your Oneness with God, the Great I AM?

When you think of surrendering everything to God, do you feel relieved or anxious?  

Is it possible for you to give up control of everything and float in the Womb of God?

Do you remember the first moment when you became aware God was with you?  What was that moment like?

Reflect on Jesus’ Imparting Statement and realize it was not a parting statement, but an imparting statement.  As recorded in Matthew 28:20, 

Jesus said, “Be sure of this — I AM with you always!”  

What does Jesus “with you always” mean?

Reflect on being “born again.”  What does it mean to you to be born again?


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