In July, I shared in a special time with a group of women, who came to The Lord’s House (He graciously lets us live here.  Some people think it is our house, but it is really His!).

Every Tuesday in July, we left the noise of the world outside and came into a quiet environment.  We could have spent the time socializing.  Some of us knew each other already.  Some were meeting for the first time.

But we knew we were in The Presence of The One, Who knew each of us much better than we would ever know each other.  God Himself was in us and linked us together in His Presence.  In fact, it was He Who invited us and cleared our schedules to make it priority to be together.

We began with quieting music, which focused on worship and adoration of Him … music of reassurance of His Presence and His Love.  We did not need to push our “real lives” away from our thoughts.  As we focused on Him, the worries and concerns of the day dropped away.  All things became shadows in the Light of Him.

We met for each of the four weeks in July.  Each week we had a focus on which the music and scriptures were directed.  We listened to the music and had a few moments of discussion about the topic of the week.  

We then read scripture passages through three times, each time with a different reader.  Sometimes we used the same translation.  Sometimes we read from different translations.  But we always read the same passage of scripture, soaking in its Message.

We then retreated to private spaces, some inside the house, some outside on porches, decks or patios.  Walking in the backyard and looking out over the horse pasture behind the house was appealing to some.  Whatever the space, we meditated on God’s Word and what He was saying through His Word, Which is active and alive.

He delivered some Words specifically to a person, but some Words He brought forth for the group.  After a time of private communion with Him, we returned to the group and shared what He had given us to share.

Woven among His Words came our stories of His Goodness, Mercy, Grace, and Love that had been poured out through our lives.  Some of His Gifts had been present in our lives, but we had not recognized them when they were delivered.  In the quiet of these moments, we joyfully opened them and praised God for them.

It was amazing how many of our stories were similar.  There were buried pains and griefs that we felt no one else had ever felt.  It was like a collective breathing out the old and taking in the fresh Breath of His Spirit.  And there was joy in knowing we were not alone in our struggles and trials … nor were we alone in our celebration of Him.

We questioned God and it felt safe and secure to do so.  Some questions He answered on the spot through the voices of another in the group.  Some questions remained unanswered, as we left with His Gentle Reminder that when we sought Him, we would find Him.  And that in itself, is an answer.  He is The One we need to seek before just seeking answers to life’s questions.

We ended each meeting with prayer for each other and for those who were in our group, but who could not attend.  Prayers were powerful, as God Himself ministered to each of us.  It was a beautiful gathering of beautiful women, from whom God shined His Most Colorful Lights.

Prayers continued through the week, as we shared joys, challenges and prayers for one another through emails.  It was wonderful to be able to communicate with everyone and feel the instant support of those we knew cared.

The group only lasted a month.  Then we left to return to the world, changed, recharged, more alive in The Spirit than when we came.  We left aware of one of the greatest Truths that in fact, even when our physical bodies move away from each other, we are One in The Spirit.

When The Spirit is ready to issue a call to return to re-treat … to be treated again … He will let us know.  Until then we live and share the Truths we learned in those four weeks.

Week 1:  God’s Presence:  When recounting any memory of life, we can say, “And God was with us.”  He is with us now and ever shall be.

Week 2:  God’s Love:  God’s Love never fails.  God’s Love in us never fails.  God’s Love in any other person never fails.  

Week 3:  God’s Guidance:  God’s Ways are higher than our ways.  But He is willing to tell us “great and mysterious things” we don’t know now, when we ask Him.  He is willing to lift us up to where He is and show us things we cannot see from our view.

Week 4:  God’s Power:  God’s Plan for bringing heaven to earth is His Presence, living and operating through us.  When His Love and Power flow through us, unhindered, we are guided from within.  When we each stand together with God’s Power flowing in each of us, His Power is magnified for all of us.

We praise God for His Presence, His Love, His Guidance and His Power revealed through this group.  God loves community.  He even made Himself a Community.  God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit are One!  

***  This group was held as part of the ministry of Equipping Lydia, a ministry dedicated to creating welcoming, safe environments, in which God speaks through His Word and guides and comforts through His Precious Holy Spirit.  For more information, visit the web site at



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    • Claudia Duffee says:

      Yes, it was so very nice Edie could be with us via Skype! It was exciting to see and use technology in this way!

  2. Claudia Duffee says:

    This was a great time of refreshment and fellowship with God and with sisters…
    This model for small group ministry is exceptional.

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    Sounds like a great group.


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